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The Search for Meaning in a Digital Age

The Search for Meaning in a Digital AgeWhy We Capture, Discard, and Document Moments

my first photo composite using phoptoshops new ai tool
Discarded memories


In the pre-dawn darkness of a Sydney morning, I found myself pondering life’s existential questions. Why do we capture moments? Why do we discard them? And why, in this digital age, do we feel compelled to document our journey? As the first rays of sunlight began to paint the sky, I had an epiphany—ironically, in the bathroom—that added a layer of meaning to these musings.

The Blogging Conundrum

We live in an age where documenting our lives has become second nature. From the food we eat to the places we visit, our experiences are often captured and shared with the world. But why? Is it a quest for validation, or perhaps a way to immortalise our existence? The answer, I believe, is far more nuanced.

The Discarded Photo Album

While walking through the streets of Sans Souci, I stumbled upon a discarded photo album in a pile of old household items outside an old house for sale. Its pages were filled with memories—smiles, tears, and moments of genuine human connection. Yet, here it was, abandoned and forgotten. This poignant sight triggered a deep reflection on the value we place on captured moments. Are they meaningful only when they serve our narrative?

The Bathroom Epiphany

In the most unlikely of places for deep thoughts—the bathroom—I found clarity. The answer to why we capture and document moments is not just about validation or immortalisation. It’s about human connection and adding a layer of meaning to our existence. And sometimes, a dash of humour is all it takes to make these moments truly memorable.


In a world full of fleeting moments, capturing and sharing them adds a layer of meaning to our lives. Whether it’s through photographs, blogs, or even humorous anecdotes, these documented experiences become a part of our collective human story. So, let’s continue to capture, discard, and most importantly, document these moments. After all, they make up the very fabric of our existence.

Footnote: The suitcase image above created Photoshop’s new Ai generative tool.

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