We Specialize in

Customer Centered Marketing

WHAT customer problem does your product or service solve?


WHAT makes you distinct? Brand codes and love marks .

Market Research and Segmentation

WHY You? Understanding your market segments and their needs helps drive marketing strategy

Tactical - Advertising and Marketing Communications

WHERE – what content and channels generate the best results?

Marketing Strategy and Targeting

WHO is your ideal customer and how do you most effectively target them?

Content Creation

CREATIVE – Helping create stories that engage and spreads. With also specialise in Livestream Virtual Production.

About Our Company

Over 25 years of creative marketing technology convergence

Scott Maxworthy

Who is behind all this?

Scott Maxworthy is the co-founder and CEO of Max Media and Entertainment, a company launched over 25 years ago with his family to deliver live entertainment but has evolved into marketing and production services.

“We’ve learnt a lot about human behaviour, business, technology and how to create a customer-centred approach to drive results”.

Why Choose Us?

  • Work with you and your people to achieve the result you need.
  • Offer our best thinking and experience. In return, we ask you to be prepared to supply your people’s time to make sure the best result for you.
  • Believe that making you successful makes us successful.
  • Endeavour to deliver you best value for your dollars; we will not create consultant or agency busy work.
  • Will pass knowledge and expertise to your people; your organisation will learn and improve capability.
  • We want to be that good that you will refer us to your best business partners and friends.
  • We want all of us to enjoy the experience of working together.
  • If we have any doubts about the value to you of our services we will tell you openly and honestly.

Our Skills

  • Media and Communications

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Data, CRM, Marketing Automation

  • Content creation - video, photography, livestream