We Specialize in

Marketing Communications

Audience attention is scarce, so be relevant. Today you’ve just a few seconds to communicate and generate customer action. We help you create and deliver effective marketing communications.

Video Production and Photography

Our professional videographers, photographers and writers work very closely with you and us so that the visual storytelling elements engage your audience and deliver results.

Advertising and Marketing Automation

The old marketing “funnel” metaphor is dated. We embrace a customer-centred flywheel model, powered by data to attract, engage & delight your customers.

Strategy, Storytelling and Sales

We focus on developing strategies and programs to achieve your objectives, that embrace your unique storytelling elements to get results – whether brand awareness, behavioural change, engagement or sales

Customer Experience and Data

During 25 years of hospitality, events and entertainment experience, we’ve learnt a lot about people, customer engagement, and using data to increase the customer experience and your results.

Micro liveStream Video Production Studio

In these current times of social distancing and self isolation we’ve opened up our remote livestream production facility to enable virtual live events, online training and conferences.

Steps in creating your project

Please note: Each step is commissioned and requires pre-payment before proceeding

1. Concept Ideation

We work with you to understand your needs and then propose strategy options.

2. Prepare and plan

 We develop an agreed plan, budget and schedule.

3. Content Creation

Maximise content creation investment for your multiple communication channels.

4. Media & Analytics

To select, deliver & track performance of your right message, at the right time, through the right media.

About Our Company

Over 25 years of creative marketing technology convergence

Scott Maxworthy

Who is behind all this?

Scott Maxworthy is the owner and CEO of Max Media and Entertainment, a company launched over 25 years ago to develop and deliver marketing solutions and services.

“We’ve learnt a lot about human behaviour, business, technology and how to create a customer-centred approach to drive results”.

  • 1985-90’s+ – The Maxys Party Band – father Peter, brothers Brett and Scott and sister Nicolle entertained audiences across Sydney.  Day job – IBM Product Manager.
  • 1992 – launched Creative Interactive Databases (UK); a CD-ROM creative services directory of photographers, illustrators and models, for advertising agencies.
  • 1994 – Digital Media consultant and other roles.  Customers included Consolidated Press, NSW Government and the FairFax Group.
  • 1996 – launched Maxy Intersection Tavern at Ramsgate, Sydney Australia. Hotel included a sports bar, lounge bar, cocktail bar, function room, bottleshop and Australia’s first virtual pub.
  • 2000 – launched BANGitUP.com.au – which went onto becoming Australia’s largest online building and trades directory service;
  • 2007 – launched CLIVEvideo – online video presenters and rich media advertising service.
  • 2013-2018 Head Of Digital at Cronulla Sharks FC (during their maiden 2016 NRL Premiership).
  • 2019 – launched “The Big Dog” livestream and virtual video production micro-studio.

What They Say?

Scott approached me to share a product that he had developed to enhance my website and ultimately increase my lead generation. Scott demonstrated the product- Clive Video and I was very impressed with the quality and simplicity that it offered. The project went extremely well and I am now enjoyng additional sales because of what Clive Video now offers potential clients. I can highly recommend Scott and the team at Clive Video

Jeff Vassel
CEO, Corporate Coffee

Scott was so easy to work with he knew exactly what was required for headshots for an actor. Great conversation and very knowledgeable.
Highly recommended.

Will Gabriel
Actor and Presenter

Scott Maxworthy is a practical business visionary. He realised early that online video not only enhances a businesses presence but also engages both prospects and customers in a significant way. With his team at CLIVE Video, he produces outstanding work that is true value for money. He is a consummate professional and comes with my highest recommendation

Iggy Pintado
Executive Leader

Scott is an enthusiastic and imaginative entrepreneur putting out some great ideas coupled with services that really help anyone wanting to promote their business.

Paul Wallbank
Journalist and communicator

Why Choose Us?

  • Work with you and your people to achieve the result you need.
  • Offer our best thinking and experience. In return we ask you to be prepared to supply your people’s time to make sure the best result for you.
  • Believe that making you successful makes us successful.
  • Endeavour to deliver you best value for your dollars; we will not create consultant or agency busy work.
  • Will pass knowledge and expertise to your people; your organisation will learn and improve capability.
  • We want to be that good that you will refer us to your best business partners and friends.
  • We want all of us to enjoy the experience of working together.
  • If we have any doubts about the value to you of our services we will tell you openly and honestly.

Our Skills

  • Media and Communications

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Data, CRM, Marketing Automation

  • Content creation - video, photography, livestream

Meet the Team

We have very talented and experienced team of partners and service providers across strategy, technology, production, media and events.

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