September 15, 2021 Marketing 0

Remote Video Production


Today was certainly something a bit different!

We’ve got a 15sec social video ad for the Top Blokes Lift The Load Challenge needed for Friday.

Due to the current lockdown, the only way to direct our talent & get the shots were a combination of Zoom on an iPad for the teleprompter & gaffed to it an iPhone to shoot high res video & capture audio.

Yep, very MacGyver ish.

Well done, Steph & Ali.

Update – Saturday 18th September

Ad now live!

Production-wise, a good result, I think, given that it was entirely directed remotely (Zoom), with just regular consumer equipment (iPhone, iPad and some gaffa tape with no camera person) and a tight deadline timeline (2 days).

In some ways, like working back in footy – the players as authentic brand ambassadors (but it takes a bit more time to nail down the script) but was a significant difference from shooting in the studio or in-person.

Talent: (in-house) Alister – Youth Worker;
Script/ production/ editing – (in-house) Steph.
Media placement Digital Ninjas (Agency).

I’m doing it!

September 4, 2021 Marketing 0

A New Chapter – Top Blokes Foundation

Fast forward –


On Monday, I start a new part-time gig as Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist at Top Blokes Foundation – an NFP focused on improving the mental health and wellbeing of young blokes through preventative, evidence-based group mentoring programs.

The decision was either a full-time (plus) high paid corporate type gig or a small part-time purpose-driven role where there’s the ability to have a much more significant impact for good.

Over the next month, I’ll be able to get a better idea of the roadmap ahead.

September 1, 2021 Journal 0

The Marketing Map

After a couple of years back flying solo (again) and considerable investment in our studio production capabilities, the question now is whether to

  1. Develop my own brand(s)/ shows;
  2. Provide as a service; or
  3. Apply to a new marketing role (these skills will be in very high demand in the future).

The reality of a business owner is that you need to spend energy across all the other parts of the business – from product development, sales, production, operations to accounts. Neglect any of these at your peril.

Have no doubt – it’s bloody hard work until you build scale, which can take years and away from the type of work you enjoy.

Below is a map I saw a few weeks ago based on my favourite Marketing smarty professor and consultant, Mark Ritson. Marketing orientation (customer focus culture) we have down pat but then way too much time at building brand and the lean-startup MVP approach. The answer is – it’s a balance somewhere between.

MarketngLand – The Proper Marketing Club (sorry, couldn’t find a website to attribute)