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TNP Changelog 3.14 (The Naked Punt Footy Show)

  • New Panasonic 4K camera into the Unreal Engine virtual set providing 1080p quality on the 1/2 body zoom shots. Results – Huge quality improvement but more testing to do on colour correction & camera calibration.
  • Worked out I can send a 4K HDMI signal from the camera directly into my Blackmagic card and it works in Unreal Engine 4.26
  • New lower third overlay plugin for OBS – much easier & faster.
  • Added XOTOPad hotkey control. A few little bugs when going live to look at.
  • Added NOVA parallel dynamic equaliser & ADHD Leveller VST plugins to Cantabile audio processor software. Audio very clean.
  • Facebook low latency streaming option. Didn’t see much difference from a production end except a reduction in video quality due to reduced latency (only 720p). Will speak with some viewers to see if the experience was more engaging or not due to reduced latency.
  • UPDATE – Typically there is about a 30-sec delay or latency but after tests today we determined this fast option reduced to around 10 secs – much better for audience interaction but the quality dropped a little.

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