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‘E’ is for customer Engagement, Entertainment, Experience and the “e” in a SMILE.

Entertain to Engage and Inform.  Create emotional connections.

“In those whom I like, I can find no common denominator; in those whom I love I can; they all make me laugh”  W.H. Auden

“Let us always meet each other with SMILE, for the SMILE is the beginning of love” Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Life’s far too short not to enjoy it with every minute.  Do business with people you enjoy.

A SMILE is built into all our programs and activities.  

    * Services – our Strategies, Productions, Activities, Results and Knowhow (SPARK)
    * Marketing – bridging the gap between the conventional ‘5 Ps’ of marketing and new CE marketing approaches.  
    * Informational – research and the internet – the expanding collective datbase.
    * Loyalty – creating brand loyalty incentive and “Lovemarks”- from global to local.
    * Experiential – beyond features and benefits, how we play and emotional connections.

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