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Naked Punt 2021 NRL Footy Tipping

THE PRODUCTION BLOG Content is still king but a challenge for many small to media sized businesses and organisations is the resources required to produce that content – a single camera talking headshot clip won’t cut it OR does it? Above is a quick demo clip we put together yesterday in our virtual studio (a WIP) for a Naked Punt Footy Show Livesteam Project (note/ disclaimer – it’s a bit… Read More »Naked Punt 2021 NRL Footy Tipping

Virtual Production – Captivate & Boost Viewer Engagement

We have a major upgrade coming soon (in the footy offseason) to our little independent virtual production studio & I wonder how long it will be before we outgrow this little shack? For now, it will do.  Behind the scenes, so many elements go into producing a live show – sound, lights, technology, talent, & content. And then there’s all the pre & post (but that’s for another day). Objectives… Read More »Virtual Production – Captivate & Boost Viewer Engagement

Thank You

beer background

A Thankful Note – this is a note of thanks to you and is more than just footy.  How good is it to have the footy back and hear the roar of the crowd – (even if it is just a soundtrack for now).  AND, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a sports fan  – it’s more symbolic, from a broader society perspective a very public and clear demonstration that … Read More »Thank You

The Big Dog Studio Sydney

LiveStream Video Production Studio The Big Dog Studio is a project that has evolved over 15 years. It began with us experimenting with internet video way back in 2003 as a more effective communication tool for builders and tradespeople. Ten years ago we provided website presenters and online video advertising solutions for brands. Five years ago we launched SharksTV – a livestream production unit for the Cronulla Sitherland Sharks. And… Read More »The Big Dog Studio Sydney