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Andy Warhol, NVIDIA #GTC22, auditions and multicams in the metaverse

THE PRODUCTION DIARY It’s the 1st of April 2022 on a wet and windy Friday morning here in Sydney. I sit here in my little studio typing and wondering if writing this blog has a purpose? Like taking photos that you never share or look at again. I can’t remember who said it but it was something like whatever you practice you get good at. It’s also the ability to… Read More »Andy Warhol, NVIDIA #GTC22, auditions and multicams in the metaverse

Livestream Video Production Workflow

THE PRODUCTION DIARY It’s Friday afternoon and instead of going for beers, I’m about to disappear into video geek development mode again for the next few days.The challenge is to see if we can live feed three (physical) cameras into the UE virtual set then via NDI into Adobe Premiere as multitrack (synced).Then do a multitrack edit in post-production (adding VO; graphics etc.)If successful, the result should be a considerable… Read More »Livestream Video Production Workflow

Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation

I’ll begin this blog post on “The Basics of Digital Marketing” with a story. My mate Bob is a highly acclaimed local builder; the houses he builds for his customers are beautiful, the attention to detail everywhere, but his own home looks like an unfinished project. There are a hundred little time-consuming jobs around his house that need finishing, AND it’s those “little things” (that take up time) that can… Read More »Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation