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Does adding video captioning increase SEO

Do Video Captions Increase SEO?

PRODUCTION DIARY – LIKE A MATH EQUATION A challenge for nearly every business owner or marketer is creating quality, cost-effective, relevant content for your audience. As a producer & marketing content creator, I love the ability to quickly create customised video and photo content via the latest 3D engines. To then livestream and record that video for future editing and social media marketing and advertising The core concept of “create… Read More »Do Video Captions Increase SEO?

Digital Marketing Checklist 2022

We all love a to-do list (ok, maybe not “love”). Below is a basic digital marketing basic checklist (but not necessarily) in the exact order. Some of the steps below are set and forget (for say a year or two) and others you need to run with every new post Note: I’ll add links to our case study On Page Optimization Detailed Website Analysis – setup and review once a… Read More »Digital Marketing Checklist 2022

Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation

I’ll begin this blog post on “The Basics of Digital Marketing” with a story. My mate Bob is a highly acclaimed local builder; the houses he builds for his customers are beautiful, the attention to detail everywhere, but his own home looks like an unfinished project. There are a hundred little time-consuming jobs around his house that need finishing, AND it’s those “little things” (that take up time) that can… Read More »Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation