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Create a Memorable And Engaging Video Introduction Clip

The ^(Indie) Virtual Production Diary – 12th December 2022 One of the key assets for each show is the video introduction – it has to be catchy, on brand, deliver the key messages and have a call to action. Now that the Show virtual set and most studio control tech components are in place, I’m working through the Show script and building the assets I’ll need. What originally started as… Read More »Create a Memorable And Engaging Video Introduction Clip

Virtual Set Design – don’t tell – SHOW!

Virtual video production and virtual set design allow brands to create video and image assets for marketing communications quickly. One of the key business marketing and communications lessons is to try and make life easier for your potential new customers by reducing the amount of mental work they must do to understand what it is you’re selling. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Show your customers (preferably… Read More »Virtual Set Design – don’t tell – SHOW!

Fashion in the Metaverse

Fashion in the Metaverse – a conversation with Natalie Xenita, Managing Director – IMG Afterpay Australian Fashion Week Wednesday, 3rd August 2022. Yesterday we broadcast to LinkedIn, Episode 04 of the Matty Harrison Show with IMG’s Vice President-Managing Director, IMG Fashion Events & Properties Asia Pacific, Natalie Xenita.  From a strategic marketing perspective, there are several aims of the Show – The usual – Increase brand awareness and generate revenue… Read More »Fashion in the Metaverse