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The Livestream Production Diary – The Changelog

Season 3 – Episode 4 3:41AM – I sit here at my keyboard about to go through last nights show – to see what worked and what didn’t.. Each week, there’s the process of constant improvement – elements either in front of the camera or behind the scenes. There’s nothing unique in this post-event activity – we all do it in some way at some time, whether that’s a sporting… Read More »The Livestream Production Diary – The Changelog

Ideation – The light bulb moment

THE PRODUCTION BLOG – IDEATION It’s 3 AM and very quiet – great creative thinking time for ideation. Now the studio is technically at a level I’m happy (for now) it’s time to get back working on the commercial side of things. Before I put pen to paper and start to mind-map out the problem I can hear the voice of my marketing professor echoing in the distance – the… Read More »Ideation – The light bulb moment

The Production Blog – Media Gamification

Good morning, it’s a beautiful Autumn morning here in Sydney town – the sun is just about to dawn, the birds are singing and any minute now the dog will meander into the studio and want to go for his walk. Yep, it’s less than a week to go until we launch Season III of the Naked Punt Footy Show Project and our first Facebook livestream show using our new… Read More »The Production Blog – Media Gamification

Naked Punt 2021 NRL Footy Tipping

THE PRODUCTION BLOG Content is still king but a challenge for many small to media sized businesses and organisations is the resources required to produce that content – a single camera talking headshot clip won’t cut it OR does it? Above is a quick demo clip we put together yesterday in our virtual studio (a WIP) for a Naked Punt Footy Show Livesteam Project (note/ disclaimer – it’s a bit… Read More »Naked Punt 2021 NRL Footy Tipping

Virtual Production – Captivate & Boost Viewer Engagement

We have a major upgrade coming soon (in the footy offseason) to our little independent virtual production studio & I wonder how long it will be before we outgrow this little shack? For now, it will do.  Behind the scenes, so many elements go into producing a live show – sound, lights, technology, talent, & content. And then there’s all the pre & post (but that’s for another day). Objectives… Read More »Virtual Production – Captivate & Boost Viewer Engagement

Thank You

beer background

A Thankful Note – this is a note of thanks to you and is more than just footy.  How good is it to have the footy back and hear the roar of the crowd – (even if it is just a soundtrack for now).  AND, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a sports fan  – it’s more symbolic, from a broader society perspective a very public and clear demonstration that … Read More »Thank You

The Big Dog Studio Sydney

LiveStream Video Production Studio The Big Dog Studio is a project that has evolved over 15 years. It began with us experimenting with internet video way back in 2003 as a more effective communication tool for builders and tradespeople. Ten years ago we provided website presenters and online video advertising solutions for brands. Five years ago we launched SharksTV – a livestream production unit for the Cronulla Sitherland Sharks. And… Read More »The Big Dog Studio Sydney