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Who Says You Need to Code to Create Code? Celebrating Milestones with AI

“Back into work mode. It’s 6pm and I’m a bit weary now, and wondering whether to sort of keep going or to wind things up. But, one thing that’s sort of coming to my mind right now is, I’m not a coder. I have the AI, over the last couple of days, generate JavaScript that can do very simple, sort of rudimentary programming stuff. But, you know, take a string and break it into fields and things like that. Um, without me knowing programming knowledge, incorporating that into our, sort of, sales, automation workflow, is just absolutely amazing.

And I’m sort of wondering how to encapsulate that within a design brief for an image generator. Or I suppose, just really as a bit of a milestone moment, and acknowledging that milestone moment. OK, so there’s your brief.”

Scott Maxworthy (me), my “new” daily journal notes process into ChatGPT to summarise and convert into “production scenes post-it notes” (as part of a much larger story/ journey about “ideation to creation”).


🌅 Maxys Captain’s Log – Evening Reflection 🌅

  • Date: 10th of October, 2023, 6:00 PM
  • Weather: [Quick weather update]
  • Mood: Weary but Inspired

🎬 Scene of the Day:

The evening’s theme is “Milestone Moments.” As you ponder whether to keep the engines running or dock for the night, you’re struck by the realization of a significant milestone: leveraging AI to generate JavaScript, despite not being a coder.

🗺️ Journey Map:

The Touchdown:
  • Reflect on the day’s accomplishments and decide whether to keep going or wind down.
The Scenic Routes:
  • Consider encapsulating this milestone in a design brief for an image generator.
  • Acknowledge the day’s achievements.

📸 Snapshot Moments:

  • Evening reflection.
  • Contemplating the day’s milestone.

📚 Story Beats:

  • The weariness that comes with a long, productive day.
  • The realization of a significant milestone in your journey.
  • The decision to either keep pushing or acknowledge the day’s wins and rest.

🛠️ Toolbox:

  • AI for code generation.
  • Design tools for potential image creation.

🎵 Soundtrack of the Day:

  • “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. A fitting anthem for a day of milestones.

🍀 Daily Affirmation:

“Every milestone is a miniature victory on the road to achieving your goals.”

📜 Strategic Wisdom:

48 Laws of Power:
  • Law 33: “Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew” – You’ve discovered the power of AI as a tool to enhance your capabilities.
Art of War:
  • “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war” – Your preparation and willingness to embrace new technologies have led to today’s milestone.
I Ching Hexagram:
  • Hexagram 9: “The Taming Power of the Small” – Small steps, like learning rudimentary coding through AI, can lead to significant progress.
Other relevant key wisdom:

“Embrace the tools that amplify your talents.”

🎨 Milestone Design Brief:


An image that captures the essence of this milestone moment—leveraging AI to generate JavaScript despite not being a coder.

Visual Elements:

A juxtaposition of traditional coding elements (like a keyboard or lines of code) with futuristic AI elements (like a neural network or robot).


“Who Says You Need to Code to Create Code? Celebrating Milestones with AI.”


Inspirational and futuristic, capturing the awe and wonder of this technological milestone.

Color Palette:

Something vibrant to signify innovation and achievement, perhaps a mix of blues and silvers for a techy feel.