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D’Ai’ngo Dingo and Barry: A Tale of AI, Humour, and Blogging


In the land Down Under, there was a bloke named Barry. Barry was a blogger, and a good one at that. His blogs were well-researched, insightful, and as dry as a good Aussie Chardonnay.

One day, Barry stumbled upon a blog post titled “An Open Letter to Creatives: Why 6 fingers are better than 5!” It was all about the transformative power of AI on creativity. Barry found it thought-provoking, but as he reached the end, he had a realisation – his blogs were informative, but they lacked the spark that made them engaging.

So, Barry decided it was time to shake things up. He wanted to explore different ways to make his content more interesting and compelling. And what better way to do that than with a bit of storytelling and a good dose of humour?

Enter D’Ai’ngo, Barry’s new AI sidekick. D’Ai’ngo (“Daingo”) was as clever as they come and had a knack for creating art. And the best part? DAingo had a sense of humour that could make a statue crack a smile.

With Daingo by his side, Barry’s blogs transformed. They were filled with hilarious tales of DAingo’s creative exploits, from painting abstract masterpieces to composing songs about the existential crisis of a computer mouse.

Barry’s blogs were no longer just informative. They were engaging, entertaining, and as unpredictable as a plot twist in a thriller. His readership grew, and his blogs became the talk of the town.

But the best part? Barry was having a blast. He discovered that writing didn’t have to be as serious as a board meeting. It could be fun, cheeky, and a bit irreverent.

So, dear reader, the moral of the story is this – don’t be afraid to shake things up. Throw in a bit of humour, a dash of storytelling, and let your creativity run wild. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about informing your audience, it’s about entertaining them. And what’s more entertaining than an AI with a knack for art and a wicked sense of humour?

As for D’Ai’ngo, he’s currently working on his next masterpiece – a sculpture made entirely of binary code. But that’s a story for another blog.

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Scott Maxworthy Director
Experienced, “hands-on”, results-driven, digitally savvy marketing leader specialising in customer experience, data-driven marketing strategy, content production and social media. A deep understanding of consumer behaviour, data analytics & marketing technology with over 20 years of managing people, projects, budgets, to business objectives.