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Reliving Childhood Memories in Como: A Nostalgic Adventure

Como Hotel
Como Hotel

A Trip Down Memory Lane G’day, Scott “Maxy” Maxworthy, on a trip down memory lane through Como, the place where my childhood was filled with family, friends, footy, and a fair share of mischief.

Footy, Resilience, and The Faces in the Street It all started today with a visit to my family GP in Sutherland. With some free time, I decided to head to Como, where my younger years unfolded. As I drove down Soldiers Rd past the Deal’s old house, I remembered the bushfires of 1994 and the sorrow, sadness, resilience and toughness gained – 91 homes lost and tragically a life.

Como’s Ever-Changing Face Navigating through the streets, I couldn’t help but notice the transformations. The family home in Keele St, once a bustling hive of laughter and entertainment, had seen better days. St. Anne’s Church, where I was christened over 56 years ago, seemed to have disappeared. And the tough footy ground playground at Henry Lawson Reserve? Replaced with kid-safe grass.

Ahhh the memories of those intense, tough after-school footy games – only going home when it was too dark to play!

Henry Lawson Reserve Kid Safe
Henry Lawson Reserve Kid Safe

The Power of Community Stopping by the local butcher, I bumped into an old schoolmate, Grant Martin. We shared a chinwag, and I grabbed some chicken satay for lunch and a couple of juicy T-bones for dinner. This encounter reminded me of the importance of community in shaping our values and beliefs.
Bargwanna’s mechanics till there, Albert and the Chinese restaurant is gone; the bottle shop, a vets, the chemist (moved a few shops down) and the corner shop.


A Walk Through History Wandering through Como’s Aboriginal-named streets, I found myself reflecting on the rich history and made a mental note to research the meaning behind each name, from Woronora to Girraween.

Some of the street names – Note – these are by no means thorough – as many names may have different meanings

Bulumin Street, Bulumin was a Kamilaroi language word meaning “apple tree (eucalyptus)”
Burunda is Kamilaroi Aboriginal language word meaning “swan”
Girraween Avenue – the Aboriginal language word “girrahween” has the meaning of “place of flowers”
Mulyan is an Aboriginal language word meaning “eaglehawk” and holds a special place as a totem for many Aboriginal groups (various works).
Wolger – the most likely meaning an Aboriginal language word meaning “a hollow in the ground]”

At the marina, surrounded by chatting retirees, I treated myself to a bacon and egg roll and recalled memories of stolen kisses (Nicolette Bloomheart my first kiss about 10 or 11 under the wharf at the baths) and swiping beer cans from eskies as Mum, Dad and friends as we BBQ’ed down at “The Mountain”. Followed by more adventures on the Como Hill watching the Mighty Mo’s.

Como Marina
Como Marina cafe and the old Como Railway Bridge

Adapting to Change and Growth Observing the transformation, I pondered the parallels between Como’s evolution and our own capacity for growth. The old wharf had been revamped with a new floating pontoon, and the “Tip” had become a park and equestrian area. These changes mirrored the brain’s plasticity, reminding us that we can always adapt and evolve.

The old Como wharf

A Bit of Reflection and a Laugh This nostalgic journey through Como has been a reminder of the lessons learned and experiences that have shaped me – us. The blend of nature and nurture has left an indelible mark on my character, and I’m grateful for the experiences, the characters and the stories afforded.

Let’s make the most of our time together, and craft stories that stand the test of time.

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