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Streamline Your Innovation Process for Better Results

Innovation Process – 7 steps (Updated 8th Feb 2023)

This article looks at the Innovation Process and provides a step-by-step process for turning creative ideas into actionable outcomes.

Innovation is often a buzzword in today’s fast-paced business world, and for a good reason. With rapid advancements in technology and the ever-increasing pace of change, it has never been more important for companies to find new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. However, innovation is not just about coming up with the next big idea – it’s about turning those ideas into action and making them a reality.

The process of turning an idea into action can often seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be both simple and effective. Here’s a 7-step process for turning your ideas into action and creating real-world impact.

1. Define Your Challenge – identify the challenge or question

The first step in turning ideas into action is identifying what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re a photographer interested in architecture, you might ask yourself how to capture better the essence of the structures you photograph. Or, if you’re a coach looking to structure your SHINE presenter workshops, you might consider what course structure would be most effective for your participants. By focusing on a specific challenge or question, you can hone in on the specific solution you’re looking for.

2. Take a walk and get your thoughts flowing

Once you’ve identified your challenge, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. One of the best ways to do this is to simply go for a walk. Studies have shown that physical activity, especially in nature, can boost creativity and problem-solving abilities. During your walk, allow your mind to wander and think about the challenge at hand. You might be surprised by the ideas that come to you.

a person walking their dog and recording their thoughts with a voice recorder app composite with their style illustration candid camera pov epng
Streamline Your Innovation Process for Better Results

3. Capture your thoughts – there’s an App for that!

As you’re walking, you might have a great idea that you don’t want to forget. To ensure that your ideas are captured, use a recording app to capture your thoughts as they come to you.

There are many audio-to-text apps and web services available for both Android and web platforms. Some of them include:

Audio to Text App for Android:

  • Speechnotes – This app offers offline speech recognition and is completely free to use. Its USP is its fast and accurate transcription capability.
  • Easy Voice Recorder – This app not only records audio but also transcribes it into text. It has a user-friendly interface and is perfect for recording and transcribing lectures, meetings or interviews.
  • Trint – This app is for professional use and offers automatic transcription in real-time. It has features like editing, collaboration and file sharing. Its USP is its accuracy and speed of transcription.

Audio to Text App for iPhone:

  • Otter Voice Notes – This app offers automatic transcription and is free to use. It saves the audio and transcription in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Its USP is its AI-powered real-time transcription.
  • Just Press Record – This app is a one-tap recording app that also offers transcription. It is easy to use and has a sleek design. Its USP is its seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Transcribe – This app is for professional use and offers fast and accurate transcription. It also supports multiple languages and has features like file sharing and editing. Its USP is its advanced features and accuracy of the transcription.

Audio to Text Web Service:

  • Rev – This web service offers fast and accurate transcription for audio and video files. It also has a feature for captions and subtitles. Its USP is its quality of transcription and quick turnaround time.
  • Temi – This web service offers automatic transcription and is easy to use. It also has features like editing, translation and file sharing. Its USP is its affordability and ease of use.
  • Scribie – This web service offers professional-grade transcription services for audio and video files. It also offers accurate and fast turnaround time with features like editing and file sharing. Its USP is its high accuracy and quality of transcription services.

4. OR – Transfer your thoughts to your computer.

Once you’re back home, transfer your audio files to your computer using an app that connects your phone to your computer network. This will give you a permanent record of your thoughts and ideas.

5. AND Convert to text

Using Google Docs or one of the Apps above, convert your audio files to text. This will give you a written record of your thoughts and ideas, which can be useful for future reference.

I copied the text into ChatGPT or created your bullet points

The speaker is discussing a photography challenge and exploring the relationship between photography, architecture, and business development. They reflect on their previous experiences with macro photography and graphic design, and talk about the creative process of transcribing audio recordings into text and turning those ideas into action. The speaker also mentions a recent conversation with Linda about the outcomes of a presenter survey and the importance of summarizing relevant information. They mention their ideas for capturing the essence of architecture and motion in their photography, and the idea of making it relevant to local communities. Finally, they mention their idea of incorporating the 52-week photography challenge into their merchandise design.

Example ChatGPT conversion of notes

6. Prioritize and categorize

Now that you have your ideas in writing, it’s time to prioritize and categorize them. Which ideas are most relevant to your challenge? Which ideas are most likely to lead to a solution? Consider grouping similar ideas together and categorizing them for future reference.

Example – I added a table of projects I’m working on for ChatGPT to cross reference for greater context

7. Take action and evaluate

Finally, it’s time to turn your ideas into action. Take your most promising ideas and start working on them. This might mean setting aside time each day to work on them or reaching out to others for help and collaboration. The key is to keep moving forward and taking action, even if it’s just small steps.

Unique IDProjectIdeaOutcomeAn Example/ referenceActionWhoAsk_Message
1SHINECreate a customer on ramping form of the baseline across each of the skills to be learned and then gamify.Easily track progress and engagement through gamification.Gamification in the education industry, such as Duolingo.Create the form and implement gamification.Project teamCan the project team create the customer on ramping form and implement gamification in the SHINE workshop? By when?
2SHINECreate a promo video with Brett.Showcase the SHINE workshop and attract new customers.Promo videos for other workshops or courses.Create the promo video with Brett.BrettCan Brett create the promo video for the SHINE workshop? By when?
3SHINECreate a script for a presenter to camera and build credentials as a presenter.Establish the presenter as a professional and knowledgeable in the industry.Example script for a presenter to camera.Create the script and implement in the SHINE workshop.Project teamCan the project team create a script for the presenter to camera in the SHINE workshop and build their credentials as a presenter? By when?
4SHINECreate an iconology for gamification.Easily track progress and engagement through gamification.Examples of iconology in gamification, such as in video games.Create the iconology for gamification in the SHINE workshop.Project teamCan the project team create an iconology for gamification in the SHINE workshop? By when?
5MAXYSCreate a brand profile for MAXYS.Establish a clear brand identity for MAXYS.Examples of brand profiles, such as Red Bull’s wayfinder profiling.Create the brand profile for MAXYS.Project teamCan the project team create a brand profile for MAXYS? By when?
6MAXYPHOTOExplore architecture and bulb photography and apply to the development of the SHINE presenter training.Develop a unique approach to presenter training through photography.Examples of architecture and bulb photography.Research and apply architecture and bulb photography to the SHINE presenter training.Project teamCan the project team explore architecture and bulb photography and apply it to the development of the SHINE presenter training? By when?
7MITMExpand the idea of merchandise for the MITM show.Attract fans and provide a way for them to support the show.Examples of merchandise for other shows or podcasts.Create merchandise for the MITM show.Project teamCan the project team create merchandise for the MITM show? By when?
8Maxyphoto52-week photo challenge.Disrupt thinking patterns and improve photography skills.Examples of photography challenges.Create the 52-week photo challenge and implement.IndividualCan you complete the 52-week photo challenge and improve your photography skills? By when?
9MaxyphotoArchitecture and bulb photography of a local community landmark.Showcase photography skills and engage with the local community.Examples of architecture and bulb photography.Take photos of a local community landmark and showcase the work.IndividualCan you take photo
Real life example of the results of my Ideas 2 Actions workflow presented in this blog article


In conclusion, innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas – it’s about turning those ideas into action. By following this 7-step process, you can turn your ideas into real-world impact and keep ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a CMO, entrepreneur, CEO, or an employee, to look for new and innovative ways to improve your business and stay ahead of the curve.


I was reminded today that my Dad used to do this with a mobile dictaphone 30 years ago, but he’d have his secretary type it up and send a memo (before email became the norm).

nother creative experiment with @openaidalle based on my memory of my dad and his dictaphone. 
I laughed so loud in the office just now the dog jumped up and thought I was mad! Looks like somebody off that bloody MAFS crappola - the old man loved a good brunette.
STYLE: Vintage B&W CAMERA : Soft focus, wide shot, LOCATION: Corporate 1970’s office SUBJECT a tall, 35 year old man, balding, with a moustache and glasses, standing and talking on an old handheld mobile dictaphone, in the background a secretary with headphones on transcribes tapes onto a typewriter to send a paper memo (before email) , FEELING times change but communications needs are the same.
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