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Create a Memorable And Engaging Video Introduction Clip

Pre-Production – Building Test Video Assets

The ^(Indie) Virtual Production Diary – 12th December 2022

One of the key assets for each show is the video introduction – it has to be catchy, on brand, deliver the key messages and have a call to action.

Now that the Show virtual set and most studio control tech components are in place, I’m working through the Show script and building the assets I’ll need.

What originally started as just an Intro has also morphed into this early YouTube channel promo clip.

From a show and brand essence – trustworthy, fun, creative.

Video Introduction Production

This clip was pulled together in Premiere from some After Effects templates, audio assets, and the virtual set I’m building in Unreal Engine (which we’ll use for our show).

Timewise it’s taken about four to five days of work. It’s not perfect, but discovery is part of the process.

Once the basic assets are created, I can start testing and refining production and performance.

The Baseline

Currently, my 3D hardware (& software) is struggling to render and deliver 25fps and the video switching/ streaming computer to broadcast 30 minutes x 1080p without any glitches. The current virtual set is very heavy, so this will probably be stripped down.

There’s still a heap to do both in the virtual set and in the studio, including the ability to control both physical and studio lighting via DMX from the show run sheet and/ or “smart” teleprompter and/ or stream deck.


Creating this Intro clip highlighted the need for consistent brand style and treatment, which can be carried through all the other elements – e.g. fonts, logo stings, and music. There is another major work on on-camera skills and audio production techniques within the virtual sets.

Further works

  • YouTube assets creation
  • Show script development
  • Studio testing and production system improvements/ investment
  • Pilot show (including guests)
  • Show Commercialisation
  • Marketing and Promotion

Show Launch/ Deadline

Current expected Feb 2023