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Virtual Set Design – don’t tell – SHOW!

Virtual video production and virtual set design allow brands to create video and image assets for marketing communications quickly.

One of the key business marketing and communications lessons is to try and make life easier for your potential new customers by reducing the amount of mental work they must do to understand what it is you’re selling.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Show your customers (preferably with video) instead of telling or writing.

But, creating a good effective video is time-consuming.

My new Show – Maxys In the Metaverse – Marketing Challenge – guest invites

I’ve just finished Phase 01 of the virtual set design for the new Show and cut a quick promotional video as part of my guest’s invitation process.

Designing the set is one of those things you can never stop fiddling with, so it’s a matter of having a strict cut-off date and time to move onto other parts of the project.

Producing the video is another time-consuming creative process.

Virtual set design

As a business owner and marketer, just a few years ago, I would have had to outsource this to a 3D designer but not anymore.

How to build a virtual set

It’s all about the software,

Just a few years ago, the skills required and the cost of software to create virtual sets were beyond the budgets of most small independent creators, You needed to be a Jedi-type master in CGI (Computer Generated Image) programs such as After Effects; Maya; Cinema 4D, Blender. This skill was beyond the capabilities of most computer users and videographers,

With COVID and the requirement of lockdowns and personal distancing came huge investment and development in remote video production needs. Running in parallel to that need – there was a massive leap in real-time graphics card processing technology and PC gaming realism,

Converging these two different threads saw the emergence of “virtual production” with the ability to leverage realistic real-time gaming engines as part of the major filmmaking process.

Unreal Engine user/ creator expansion strategy

About three years ago now – Epic Games (Producer of Fortnight) made their 3D gaming engine free. Combined with the COVID threads mentioned above, saw a massive surge in user downloads and skills development.

The downstream impact of all of this are those skills filtering and developing into independent filmmaking and commercial video production markets.

At Maxys, we got on board a couple of years. ago and don’t get me wrong – the learning curve is massive (and continues to be),

Only in the last three months or so are we satisfied with the quality we can now deliver to the market.

The results