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Fashion in the Metaverse

Fashion in the Metaverse – a conversation with Natalie Xenita, Managing Director – IMG Afterpay Australian Fashion Week

Wednesday, 3rd August 2022.

Yesterday we broadcast to LinkedIn, Episode 04 of the Matty Harrison Show with IMG’s Vice President-Managing Director, IMG Fashion Events & Properties Asia Pacific, Natalie Xenita. 

Matty Harrison Show with Special Guest Natalie Xenita IMG, AAFW   S01EP04

From a strategic marketing perspective, there are several aims of the Show –

  1. The usual – Increase brand awareness and generate revenue – both for Matt and his company AFS Group
  2. Develop a marketing competitive advantage – ie do stuff your competitors can’t; leverage strengths and manage weaknesses.
  3. Develop an integrated, cost-effective, customer-centred, data-driven marketing process – the “create once, produce many, share approach”.

There are many steps involved in every business transformation – both internally and externally but at the core is strategy, storytelling, audience and marketing. Everything flows from that.

Behind the Scenes – Production

From a production perspective, the show combines a live Zoom meeting (from the AFS virtual set) with additional video post-production elements to give more strength – for example – video overlays, titles, transitions, SFX and backing music.  Total editing time 20 hours. 

During editing, Natalie mentioned the future trend of “fashion in the metaverse”, so early in the morning (before the final cut and going live in three hours), I created and cut a 15-sec clip of an android walking into a fashion showroom.  

Fashion in the Metaverse

Pretty happy with the result & how quickly I was able to create.

Still, quite a bit of work to do to add all the post-production elements into the live recording & reduce post-production time. 

It’s a constant WIP

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