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In today’s preset production world of Tiktok, Instagram Stories, Zoom meetings & Canva artwork, the consumer or corporate customer often expects to create content as simple as shooting, adding a template, and uploading.

It’s a drizzling Monday, May morning here in Sydney town today which seems the norm after the last six months of nearly constant rain.

Back in the Big Dog Studio, it’s been a big week with the launch of our first LinkedIn livestream show last Tuesday – The Matty Harrison Show – (sponsored by Matt’s AFS Group) which focuses on the issues and opportunities impacting the Australian hospitality, events and tourism industries.

This month’s special guest was Belinda Clarke, COO, Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia who shared some great insights into the Australian hospitality industry post-COVID.

Matty Harrison Show S01 EP01 - Special Guest Belinda Clarke, Restaurant & Catering Industry Assoc
Launch of live The Matty Harrison Show via LinkedIn

Zoom To Boom

From a production perspective one of the biggest challenges we had for the launch was that we had to pre-record the interview on a Friday night from Matty’s office and then convert that interview over the weekend into a format we could use within the Show.

The Production Diary - Zoom Edit
Behind the scenes of converting Zoom into the virtual set

There’s so much more that goes into creating a video that is beyond the simple preset!

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