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Unreal Engine 5


The weekend deep-diving into the just-released version 5 of the @unrealengine (UE5) virtual production technology we have been learning over the last couple of years.

The CGI quality jump in this version is astounding (but it is stretching my high-end computer system).

Like all new software – not everything goes exactly the way you expect it to – my studio camera is just a black shadow (something to do with the new shadow and material parameters).

I am pleased to say that this morning after many computers crashes and tests, I finally managed to bring the live studio cameras into the virtual set (via a great NDI UE plugin called @offworldlive).

BUT, as soon as I went live, my studio test dummy model (Shark bear) got snotted by an AI car (pictured)! 🙂

There is still a considerable amount of work, testing, and learning before switching our current productions to the new version. Still, we are very excited to see how this will evolve and the flow-on effect for brands and content production.

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