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Livestream Video Production Workflow


It’s Friday afternoon and instead of going for beers, I’m about to disappear into video geek development mode again for the next few days.
The challenge is to see if we can live feed three (physical) cameras into the UE virtual set then via NDI into Adobe Premiere as multitrack (synced).
Then do a multitrack edit in post-production (adding VO; graphics etc.)
If successful, the result should be a considerable increase in production capability and a massive decrease in post-production editing time and costs.

Live Video Production Process

The Virtual Livestream Video Production Process (as a part of a much larger marketing strategy & communications plan) – from Idea to storyboarding, casting, budgets and scripts to studio recording, talent, makeup, lighting, 3D virtual sets and audio to post-production – editing, voice-over, SFX, VFX, grading the final cut. Then promotion and distribution, fan experience and engagement.

Yep, there’s a lot that goes into earning your customer attention.

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