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Do Video Captions Increase SEO?


A challenge for nearly every business owner or marketer is creating quality, cost-effective, relevant content for your audience.

As a producer & marketing content creator, I love the ability to quickly create customised video and photo content via the latest 3D engines. To then livestream and record that video for future editing and social media marketing and advertising

The core concept of “create once and use many”.

From a digital marketing strategy perspective, one part that’s missing is the text element for SEO.

Video Captioning

The new AI-driven video captioning capability within Adobe Premiere Pro is pretty good.

Note: I have not worried about going through the transcript and editing for this exercise.

does adding video captioning increase seo
That’s like a maths equation.

I then add the transcript to the website and YouTube archive to see if video captions Increase SEO (note: plus other SEO elements).

I won’t be able to tell for a couple of months as it takes about 5-8 weeks for Google to deep index.

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