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February 2022

Digital Marketing Checklist 2022

We all love a to-do list (ok, maybe not “love”). Below is a basic digital marketing basic checklist (but not necessarily) in the exact order. Some of the steps below are set and forget (for say a year or two) and others you need to run with every new post Note: I’ll add links to our case study On Page Optimization Detailed Website Analysis – setup and review once a… Read More »Digital Marketing Checklist 2022

Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation

I’ll begin this blog post on “The Basics of Digital Marketing” with a story. My mate Bob is a highly acclaimed local builder; the houses he builds for his customers are beautiful, the attention to detail everywhere, but his own home looks like an unfinished project. There are a hundred little time-consuming jobs around his house that need finishing, AND it’s those “little things” (that take up time) that can… Read More »Basics of Digital Marketing – Website Optimisation