September 15, 2021 Marketing 0

Remote Video Production


Today was certainly something a bit different!

We’ve got a 15sec social video ad for the Top Blokes Lift The Load Challenge needed for Friday.

Due to the current lockdown, the only way to direct our talent & get the shots were a combination of Zoom on an iPad for the teleprompter & gaffed to it an iPhone to shoot high res video & capture audio.

Yep, very MacGyver ish.

Well done, Steph & Ali.

Update – Saturday 18th September

Ad now live!

Production-wise, a good result, I think, given that it was entirely directed remotely (Zoom), with just regular consumer equipment (iPhone, iPad and some gaffa tape with no camera person) and a tight deadline timeline (2 days).

In some ways, like working back in footy – the players as authentic brand ambassadors (but it takes a bit more time to nail down the script) but was a significant difference from shooting in the studio or in-person.

Talent: (in-house) Alister – Youth Worker;
Script/ production/ editing – (in-house) Steph.
Media placement Digital Ninjas (Agency).

I’m doing it!

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