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The Livestream Production Diary – The Changelog

Season 3 – Episode 4

3:41AM – I sit here at my keyboard about to go through last nights show – to see what worked and what didn’t..

Each week, there’s the process of constant improvement – elements either in front of the camera or behind the scenes. There’s nothing unique in this post-event activity – we all do it in some way at some time, whether that’s a sporting or musical performance; a business review; an event debrief or maybe a bug report of a new software release.

This blog is part of my review process – the benefits of a weekly live show is the ability to implement changes and test week by week – the negative being that major changes (such as the new virtual set have to be done in the off-season when there is more time to fail and learn big.

Time-lapse - Big Dog Studio - Behind The Scenes of The Naked Punt Footy Show

Changelog 3.4

Virtual Showroom

1. – Added a virtual showroom level above the pub/ studio to the set. Livestream viewers only saw this for about 10 seconds before we cut into the show introduction (these scenes trimmed from the replay). This level created as another example of native content advertising for the new Naked Punt commercialisation presentation, that I’ve been working on over the last week. The Commercial Proposal is in the final revision stage and plans to get into the market next week.

Gamification and Storytelling – adding clues.

2. Each week other elements are also thrown in – the crate on the back of the ute; the sports car in the alleyway – the Easter eggs on the desk – either as props to add the show theme, product placement or clues for something later.

Within this idea of something later, there are gamification and storytelling components that I’m beginning to play and evolve as part of the production process and customer/ viewer experience. eg The AFS Group security guard on the door is called “Cooper”.

New Decal capabilities

Unreal Engine Ultra Dynamic Sky and Weather System

Added Ultra Dynamic Sky – a real-time weather system including sound effects to the scene. This worked really well (except for rain coming into the studio at times and water running down the walls). (note to self: make sure windows are shut upstairs and add a roof to the building)

Implemented Zoom Guests via NDI

Rugby League Parramatta Eels blue (and gold) blood, talented muso & Instagram funny man Eric Grothe Jnr joined us live via Zoom to talk footy, music, fashion, dogs & social media madness.

This week (and beyond)

It’s a short week for Easter and I’ve meetings in the City on Tuesday so preparation for this week’s show will be minimal. Technically I want to look at how to trigger a camera motion sequence.

Other items are

  • Commercial planning
  • NDI Broadcast of different cameras
  • Playing a website (online viewer chat) onto one of the TV’s within the set
  • Updating digital signage – eg Naked Punt neon sign
  • Skeletal mesh animation
  • Adding a jukebox into the scene for backing music and segment crosses (alternatively this may be best done over on the video switch computer)
  • Camera plane tracking

Till next time.


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