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Sutherland Shire Wellbeing Festival Livestream


COVID-19 has impacted every person and industry around the world, and from a business perspective one of the most impacted has been the live events industry – whether sport, festivals, conferences or just good old face to face meetings.

The Sutherland Shire Well-being Festival was a 50+ event across several topic streams over five days in locations throughout the area.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, a decision required to either postpone the event or look at delivering it online?

Monique Baumann, Creative Director of Creative Stars, the event management consultant, approached us to look at if the event could be delivered online?

Proposed Solution

With a minimal budget, an optimistic, four-week deadline and so much content to produce – the proposal was for the Festival to implement different types of production levels based upon the expected audience attention per event and the organisational/ presenter ability to create and deliver – ie Production and People.

Type – Video Production Levels

A-Livestream Studio with Zoom integration

B-Livestream Studio with Recorded Video

C-LiveStream on Location with Professional Producer to broadcast to Zoom/ Facebook/ Studio

D-LiveStream on Location with Presenter Mobile to Zoom/ Facebook/ Studio

E-Prerecorded Video scheduled to Facebook (or studio event)

Production Description


Level A – the 4 x major Summit Events. An Event Host (MC) and subject matter expert co-host in our studio. Guests would Zoom in and the Show broadcast to the Festival FaceBook page.


If the Presenter is not skilled or event requires higher-level production, then organiser needs to determine if the video production company is capable of producing livestream? From a social management perspective – a Professional Producer can stream directly to the page,


The majority of content production pushed out to the Presenters using current technology – eg their mobile phones Zoom/ FB Live.


Pre-record and schedule a post to Facebook.

The Festival Management will need to determine –

1. Does the Presenter have the skills? (suggest Zoom as easy to set up a managed scheduled Livestream)

2. Do they have the equipment – mobile tripod, microphone

From a social media management perspective – they share the Zoom link to the FB page.


Who is the Event Manager – Single Point of Contact?

Facebook & Zoom Manager? Needs to be skilled at essential online community management, scheduled posts and livestream configuration for Facebook and Zoom

External Producers?



From a Maxys perspective, we focused on delivering the 4 x marquee Festival Summit events – an Event Host (MC) and subject matter expert co-host where Guests would Zoom in and the Show broadcast to their FB page.


The original planned 4 x live Summits events was reduced to two live shows and two studio recorded interviews.

In terms of total minutes viewed then as you can see from the above graph – ovre 95% off all views happened within the window of the event.

Of the 42 videos posted – the most popular was Cooking Corner recipes to support immunity with Greer Calabro ( 1.9K minutes), the Gut Summit (1.4K minutes ), the Virtual Gym at 1.3K.

Viewer feedback

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Customer feedback

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