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Creating Part 1-b

Innovation is great – imitation is faster!

That’s not to say “copy” and plagiarise – but simply learn from those before you.  Creativity is just the combining of previous ideas and things into a new one.

New Project – Step 1 – Create

Creating Part 1-b
I’m sitting in my local coffee shop, it’s amazing how a couple of coffees, a writing pad, pen and an hour or two can create your next special project. I get away from the computer to begin any new project – I like to draw a lot when coming up with ideas.

After nearly ten years of writing nearly every day I find it takes 2-3 pages and about 45 minutes of just dumping down all those random thoughts on your mind before whatever idea is in your head finally comes to the surface.

Turning those ideas into something real takes a hell of a lot longer.

Over the years there have been many experiences and books consumed which have helped mold the creative process.

It was a gift of Julie Cameron’s “Right to Write” years ago that gave me confidence to just let the information flow. If people like your stuff they’ll embrace – let it flow, be yourself and edit later.  Very Zen.

In terms of marketing then Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” and his incredible daily insights which has had the most influence – be remarkable.

I’m also a fan of Gary Reynold’s “Presentation Zen“. Keep it simple.

Our experiences and ideas morph into our own unique ways of doing things – from initial brainstorming and conceptualization, through project planning, management, creation, delivery and engagement.

I suppose that’s one of the challenges – “information overload” and how to join all these thoughts, models and processes into your own unique style.

At times you have to wonder what the return on investment is – isn’t it easier to just consume, comment or share?

I suppose the answer to that question is the product or service that’s delivered and your measurement of success – sales, subscribers, personal feeling of satisfaction, seeing other people smile, engage or learn?

Now onto “The Project” and to research some online project collaboration tools.