Tip – Customer Acquisition & the Role of SEO

Website Renovation Update

Yah – after some fiddling around I’ve finally have my URL rewrites working properly and my sitemap being generated for the search engines.

Why? Most new potential customers (the top of the sales funnel)  will find your business through a Search Engine so making sure your website is optimised and properly structured is essential.

You also want the ability via your website analytics system to see what is working or not.

There are some technical basics

  • Engaging content – good content spreads – the more powerful the links coming in, the higher the search engines evaluate your site
  • URLs containing your relevant keywords
  • Metatags and page descriptions

https://marketing.grader.com is a great tool for checking your website and providing tips on where you need to look at and also has a great free and handy SEO template

Now, How do you get your content to generate an article which then feeds into your marketing distribution system?