Press Release: 8th October 2008 – CLIVE – Internet Presenter Search





As part of the continued roll out of the CLIVE video Project (, a new Youtube pre-audtion process was launched today for finding talented online presenters and performers for websites.

CLIVE, short for Customers Live Internet Video Experience is a joint venture between digital media agency Max Media and Entertainment and award winning Sydney corporate video production company RidgeFilms.

CLIVE adds personality and life to any website. It is a new, very cool and highly engaging transparent video layer of business owners or a professional presenter who meet, greet and informs website visitors.

“We took the short, effective 30 second format and delivered customised and personalised internet video onto any website with just a line of code,” says Chris Schwager, Creative Director of the CLIVEvideo Project and RidgeFilms.

The effectiveness of the traditional ‘interrupt and repeat’ model of advertising is decreasing and audiences and advertisers have been moving away from old mass media like television and newspapers towards internet advertising for a number of years. “Given the current economic outlook then online advertising will online casino canada only increase as businesses look for more innovative marketing techniques” says Scott Maxworthy, CEO of Digital Media Strategy company and the CLIVE Video Project “they are looking online for smarter ways to engage customers with their brands and services and build relationships”.

“We used to mostly advertise in the local newspaper” says CLIVE customer, Wayne Mudge, Secretary Manager of Oatley RSL. “Today we have Susie meet and greet our new website visitors and then invite them to join our Facebook Group which we constantly update with new events. Within a month already have over 140 members!”

The same disruptive technology factors that have changed the face of the music and newspaper industries now threaten to flatten the once dominant and powerful pillars of the television advertising and film industries offering actors, presenters and performers a new channel for earnings, experience and exposure.

The real winners out of CLIVE and the industry shakeup will be customers, advertisers and skilled creative talent.

For advertisers, increasing their web sites ease of use will increases online sales and reduces support costs.

Early feedback has shown a 15-300% increase in brand recall, online sales, event registration and up to 50% decrease in support costs after just a few months.

For creative talent – presenters, performers, scriptwriters, and producers then there will be more production opportunities but also intense rivalry for customer attention and increased competition around production values.

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Further information:

Scott Maxworthy, CEO, Max Media and Entertainment

0414 792 072

Brendan Southall, Executive Director, Ridge Films

02 9525 1344 / 0408 248 299

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Press Release – Meet CLIVE – The Mini Me



A joint venture by two Sydney companies, and Ridge Films, will allow website owners to feature a walking, talking “mini-me” host on their site to capture the attention of web surfers. Maxys Green Screen

Meet ‘CLIVE’ – the visionary web experience set to change the face of business websites, at a fraction of the cost of current interactive technologies.

‘CLIVE’ (short for Customer’s Live Internet Video Experience) is a transparent video layer that can feature one or two people who appear to walk around your existing web page, chatting to visitors and giving them a tour of your site.

Best of all, you can even star in your own web video commercial.

“Business websites can be so boring,” says Mr Scott Maxworthy, CEO A fabulous online casino bonus game is triggered when you land 3 or more treasure chest symbols and a second screen is activated. of online marketing specialist

“People switch off and they don’t get the message – but with CLIVE, there’s an opportunity for businesses to add life and personality to their website and provide their customers with a richer, more engaging online experience.”

Businesses have struggled for years to capture customer attention on the internet; but by transforming the successful 30-second TV commercial format into an interactive web video experience, Mr Maxworthy believes CLIVE has cracked the winning online customer engagement formula.

Part of the CLIVE deal is a video-shoot with Sydney corporate web video specialists Ridge Films, who can film the website owner, or a professional actor, delivering a customised 30-second script using new portable ‘green screen’ studio technology.

“Most people think of internet video within a box, but we want to break that mould,” says Mr Chris Schwager who is the Creative Director of Ridge Films.

Early reports suggest that sites using CLIVE have increased sales by up to 300 percent and reduced support call costs by around 50 percent within the first few months.


Further information:


Scott Maxworthy, CEO, Max Media and Entertainment

0414 792 072

Brendan Southall, Executive Director, Ridge Films

02 9525 1344 / 0408 248 299

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