Commercialising Fan Generated Content #SharkCastTV

SharkCastTV – Fan Generated Content

As a lifetime, die-hard, born and bred Sharks fan, I love our iconic special guest on SharkCastTV this Thursday night in the lead up for the local Sharks vs Dragons footy derby played this weekend.    

In regards to the show, from a digital media fan engagement perspective, this idea is something I’ve been working on for many years to bring to market and commercialise – ie the ability to commercialise fan or user-generated video content.
That’s not to say it will be successful, there are costs and audience targets to achieve. but hopefully the building blocks are right – engaging content, presenters, authentic  and professionally produced (within a Football Club resource framework)  – only time will tell.
In making this happen I must acknowledge how very fortunate to have the right talent with an existing platform of listeners, readers and experience on which to enrich the product. plus a supporting open-minded management team looking to position the Sharks as more than just a football club.
Commercially very pleased to say we have also secured CrownBet our show presenting partner.
Note: Others show ideas in the pipeline – one step at a time.
Watch SharkCastTV this Thursday, 7PM

Everybody is Creative

Waterfall Window

Waterfall Window
Creativity is just the new combination of two or more elements -two ideas.  Your unique life experience provides the elements you need.

It’s interesting, I often hear people say they are not “creative” but I’ll argue the opposite. Everybody is creative – any problem solving is creative.  It’s like any skill – some of  us are more natural and others have to work at it.  The funny (or interesting) thing is when you practice something you get better.

The brain is constantly creating new neural pathways – connecting ideas and when practiced strengthened.

That’s not to say if I personally started singing I could sing – just that I’d be better through practice than when I started.

Everybody has a voice, a talent, that’s the reason you’re here living at the moment.  What’s your talent?  What are you bringing to the table of life?