Commercialising Fan Generated Content #SharkCastTV

SharkCastTV – Fan Generated Content

As a lifetime, die-hard, born and bred Sharks fan, I love our iconic special guest on SharkCastTV this Thursday night in the lead up for the local Sharks vs Dragons footy derby played this weekend.    

In regards to the show, from a digital media fan engagement perspective, this idea is something I’ve been working on for many years to bring to market and commercialise – ie the ability to commercialise fan or user-generated video content.
That’s not to say it will be successful, there are costs and audience targets to achieve. but hopefully the building blocks are right – engaging content, presenters, authentic  and professionally produced (within a Football Club resource framework)  – only time will tell.
In making this happen I must acknowledge how very fortunate to have the right talent with an existing platform of listeners, readers and experience on which to enrich the product. plus a supporting open-minded management team looking to position the Sharks as more than just a football club.
Commercially very pleased to say we have also secured CrownBet our show presenting partner.
Note: Others show ideas in the pipeline – one step at a time.
Watch SharkCastTV this Thursday, 7PM

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Sharks Updated - always next year :c(

Could this be the year?

Sharks Updated - always next year :c(My Sharks play in the NRL Finals this Friday night against the Melbourne Storm.

Could this be the year?….a pause…. the question goes very deep to every Shark.  It’s hard to explain what it is like to be a Sharks Supporter for all this time.

Rugby League Supercoach Jack Gibson once said “waiting for the Sharks to win a Grand Final is like leaving the porch light on for Harold Hold”

This year, like many Sharks supporters (and a bit like the team’s approach), I’ve played it pretty cool – we watched, we’ve celebrated our wins, there’s been no wild declarations.  It’s been very tradesmen like – not pretty but getting on with the job (and no apologies to any tradesmen).  Defense has been fantastic and from that attack builds.

Break my heart

You gotta love the footy, it’s a great escape.  So many memories with family and friends, the shared community emotion and passion.

We’ve had our hearts broken time and time again for such a long time – 41 years to be exact – all my life.  I’m not sure there are many professional teams and their supporters who have had to wait that long for our first title? There’s even a Facebook Group called Sharks win a grandfinal before I die

I think of Tommy Bishop, Cliffy Watson, Steve Rogers and the family, Andrew Ettinghausen, good family mate Steve Kneen, Como old boy Roland Beckett, the hundreds of other players and thousands of supporters and never forgetting my dad who died last year – a passionate Sharkies supporter – a tear and a smile – he was buried in his Sharks jumper.

It was the picture of the young bloke on the front page of the Telegraph yesterday that really made me smile – his bedroom emblazoned.

In 1973, at seven years old my Brother Brett and I sat at the SCG with mum and dad watching the Sharks versus Manly.

In 1978, we were there again against Many. (Hartley you suck!)

For a few years, “The Maxys” – Brett, Dad and I performed at the Sharks Home Game Players Presentation in the Auditorium.  There’s nothing like a happy Shark.

It’s passion which makes life interesting – in whatever fashion – whether that’s business, music, art, family or the footy.

Could this be  “The Year”? we ask again

It stops and makes you wonder what makes a successful team?

My dad told me this several years ago this question about business success.

“It’s not about how big or small, nor how much money you do or don’t have, nor the latest tool and technique, it’s about the people and the way they work together”

The same can be said for any endeavor – whether sport, business or social cause.

To Ricky and the guys, you’ve done a great job, we’re behind you all the way, go out and have some fun – we’re looking forward to next week like you could not believe.