The FACE – Focus Attention on Customer Experience

The FACE Approach


Focus Attention on Customer Experience

We’re naturally attracted to things of beauty.

YOU THE CONSUMER – Every day we are all bombarded with tens of thousands of messages requesting our attention but only a very small fraction of those get through our highly efficient message filters. Why did you click? What makes a good communications piece?

YOU THE CONTENT PROVIDER – You’ve been asked to present to the board, pitch to a new client, come up with a new ad campaign or write a script for a TV show – What do you need to say? What does success look like?

THE SUPERSTAR SYNDROME – Very few actors, musicians, sports people achieve global market penetration.  Far less advertising with the natural power to engage, connect and spread.

Most target, interrupt and aim to convert.

Every piece has different challenges – eg a website video – 7 seconds before the user decides to click away or stay.  A Banner Ad blocked! A TV commercial the signal to the viewer to get up and make a cup of tea.   A social media post that is boring or spam.

Good design effortlessly (from the consumer perspective) delivers a clear focused message, captures attention and enhances the customer experience.  The best design looks simple.  The right medium, the right message at the right time.

Who is your customer?  What do they look like? What are their needs?  How will you reach and get through their message filter?  What does your action pipeline look like?

THE FACE – Focus Attention Customer Experience.