CLIVE – Customers Live Internet Video Experience

You or our professional presenters on your web site.Maxys Launch CLIVE

Max Media and Entertainment and RidgeFilms today released their new “personalising the web” service called “CLIVE” Customised Live Internet Video Experience.

CLIVE is a transparent video layer which can be easily implemented and displayed on any website. The website enhancement significantly increases website visitor engagement which in turn increases website performance.

Over three months customers report an 15-300% increase in sales and a 50% reduction in support call costs.

“Many web sites are boring, we wanted to help businesses add life and personality to their website, to provide their customers with a richer, more engaging online experience” said Scott Maxworthy, CEO of online marketing specialists

“Most people think of internet video within a box, we wanted to break that mould” said Chris Schwager, Creative Director, RidgeFilms.

Together the two companies provide a complete solution to any business looking to either develop their digital media strategy or increase online customer engagement using CLIVE and other internet video productions.

For more information please contact on +61 (0) 414 792 072 or on +61 02 9525 1344.

Maxys CLIVE on Facebook Groups
Maxys CLIVE on Facebook Groups

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