11 tips for increasing content sharing by looking at Xmas Ads.

Tips for increasing content sharing

Over the last week I’ve been asked about digital content strategy and tips for increasing content sharing – in sending a quick reply I was honestly a bit gobsmacked when I found a presentation that I gave over five years ago talking exactly about the same stuff we’re still talking about here today.  Yes, I know that’s the nature of the beast.

Today, my first chance to catch up on some reading and writing, I’m listening to a new Marketing Mind podcast on Xmas Advertising.   It makes me think about our Xmas campaign, how things have changed and some tips for creating content that shares.


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The post gets me thinking about content sharing and some common asked questions and answers from those wanting to learn more – a bloke at work who runs a fitness business on the side, my partners fashion and gift store, a conference I attended during the week.

Note: For those who live in the digital marketing and advertising space there’s not much new in the list below (we’ll save conversations about Single Customer Views, IoT and attribution for other posts)

So here is a quick check list for newbies if you want your content to spread further.

11 tips for increasing content sharing

  1. First impressions count – spend 30% of your blog/ Instagram post writing time on creating a catchy heading.
  2. Be consistent  – the daily blog, the weekly specials email from your local cafe.  (yes says I who doesn’t always practice what I preach!)
  3. People love lists –  it creates structure from chaos.  Odd numbered lists work better than even.
  4. Engage your audience  – tell a story, make them laugh (or cry) – it’s emotions that generate spread.
  5. Have a great picture – better still a great video.  A good picture (in particular via social sharing) helps.
  6. Be relevant – there are billions of pieces of content produced every day.
  7. Develop your own tone and style – Is your content heavy reading or light entertainment?  Timing is very important.  Heavy reading in the morning.  Light stuff after a long day.
  8. Think mobile first – most people will create on a desktop but your readers will consume on their mobile phone.  What’s your content look like on mobile?
  9. Respond to comments quickly.
  10. “Earned Media” is best – Focus on building brand advocates from existing customers to generate Word of Mouth to spread your message.
  11. Take a helicopter view of your posts performance to look for any sort of trends or insights

The John Lewis 2011 Christmas Advert mentioned in the podcast

Changing Platforms – Migrating CMS from Joomla to WordPress

The time had come – we just weren’t connecting any more – for a number of reasons it was time to move on.  Our business and life had changed and I hadn’t written for many months – the site had been neglected and needed a revamp.  The biggest driver was the need for responsive mobile rendering and the fact that many clients had already migrated.  I also needed something simpler to manage and also integrate more freely with some other technology I’ve been working with.

Hugh MacLead's Squiggly Line

The Squiggly Line

The decision made to look to migrate from Joomla to WordPress was not something taken lightly – so much content to transfers and a new platform to learn.

A search on the web and I find a CMS2CMS conversion service  – for about $50 they will migrate your data.  In one word “brilliant!”.  A few little hassles moving folders (great level of support) and the posts moved across fine.  A couple of days later (between a hundred other jobs) I’m now writing this post.

Don’t get me wrong there’s still a lot of work to do (and not in any particular order).

  • SEO friendly URL’s
  • Google Analytics
  • Menu structure
  • Categories
  • Overarching website plan – why are we doing it?  (that’s a post for later)
  • Marketing – taglines, new logo?
  • Workflows (finding, writing, publishing and sharing)
  • RSS feeds

You could plan it to the n’th degree but sometimes all you need is to know the general direction you want to travel – it might not be a straight road but the detail will look after itself as you go.

Hmmm, I need a relevant GapingVoid image to represent this pearl of wisdom (self effacing joke) – where’s the squiggly line one I ask myself?

Note:  Things I already like about WordPress – I just noticed it automatically saves a draft of the post I’m writing.  No more lost posts 🙂

From an overarching “why are we doing it?” my thoughts are leaning towards a blog of my daily/ weekly web travels – campaigns I see, new technology developments, insights that might seem relevant.

Til next time.