Scott Maxworthy, Digital Journeyman

Technology, business innovation and developing digital culture.

From big business to pubs and start-ups to football teams and digital media, Scott has a livelong history with technology, business innovation and developing digital culture.

The Early Days

Personal computers have fundamentally changed society since the early days of Steve Jobs Apple II in the early 1980’s.

From mainframes to mobile

Evolution of Computing

“As a kid still in high school the first program I learnt was Visicalc on my dad’s works Apple II. Visicalc was the predecessor to Lotus 123 and Excel and the catalyst that empowered progressive users (accountants like my dad) to become less reliant on centralised IT departments and their mainframes, thus, began the mass world democratization of information and the rise of technology”

Money Matters

In the mid ’80’s Scott joined his father Peter working at Kerry Packer’s Consolidated Press – Australia’s richest man and media owner.

“Cons Press was my business apprenticeship, exposed to high finance, magazine editors, TV producers and many of Australia’s most successful people – it was invaluable”

Getting Techy

Searching for more technology, in the late 80’s Scott joined ComputerLand as a Product Manager – when one of the fastest growing franchise networks across the world.

“ComputerLand was an amazing place during the Personal Computer boom period – I saw a business grow to over $100m in sales in less than three years and saw first hand the battle between Apple, IBM, Compaq and the PC clones plus thousands of new products launched per year.   The local Australian owner Mike Boulos was a rags (actually door to door kitchen utensils salesman) to riches type entrepreneur – it was dynamic place to work but as the marketplace changed ComputerLand failed to evolve to a service organisation.”

In 1991 Scott headed to the UK and teamed up with new media and advertising maverick Gary Fairfull.

About Business Disruption

Creative Interactive Databases was a CD-ROM publication that connected Creative Buyers and Sellers – eg Agencies with photographers, models and illustrators.  We disrupted the existing book publishers so much they bought in the business.

Whilst in the UK Scott fell in love with the English pubs and one night when his parents were visiting they decided that would be their next venture.

Pubs and Social Engagement

In 1996 the Maxworthy family took over control of The Intersection Tavern at Ramsgate in southern Sydney – a large hotel featuring three bars, bottle store, gaming, restaurant and bistro.

“It took 18 months to turn the hotel around – there’s no greater lesson to learn in business when it’s bleeding cash and houses are on the line.  We dug deep, worked hard, focused on providing a great local watering hole and the returns finally came”

In 1999 the pub sold over $4.2M


In 2000 – 2007 was launched to target the $53B Australian Building and Construction industry.  A service that connected consumers, builders, tradesmen and suppliers.

Internet Video

In 2008 Scott launched CLIVE – Customer Live Internet Video Experience – to produce and deliver engaging Internet Video.  Clients included NRL, Hitachi, Harvey World Travel and Australian Rugby.

Football Clubs

In November 2013, Scott accepted the position as Group Marketing and Communications Manager for the Cronulla Sharks Football Club and in August 2015, Head of Digital Commercialisation.

Digital Media Marketer; Photographer and Internet Video Producer

The key to all successful digital marketing is the human connection.

You and I, as consumers, as buyers and users, decide which technology or business thrives, survives or fails.

To achieve success is not only through sound business management but most importantly through the customer experience – how our products or services make lives better, the customer experience, which content engages and influences and we share that experience.

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