Sharks On A Plane & it’s not the 49ers Hayne Plane!

Sharks On A Plane
Cronulla Sharks Mermaids at the NRLFinals

Cronulla Sharks Mermaids at the NRLFinals

When you think of “Sharks On A Plane” most people think of the hugely popular Hollywood B Grade cult classic SharkNado franchise, maybe the pending sequel to  “Snakes On A Plane” or maybe Rugby League – NFL 49ers convert Jarryd Hayne and the Hayne Plane

But you’d be mistaken!

This weekend the Cronulla Sharks Football  have chartered a special flight to take 100 passionate fans to the NRLFinals against the North Queensland Cowboys.

Sharks Skipper Paul Gallen and key forward Wade Graham are right behind the push.

 “I’ve heard seats are limited and expensive and getting to Townsville is difficult, but the Sharks plane is a great idea,” Gallen told Sportal.

“I hope they can fill it and we can get a few Sharks fans amongst that North Queensland crowd on Saturday.”

Graham added: “It’s hard for a lot of Sharkies fans to get up there so this is a great idea.

“It definitely means a lot to the community down here and it means a lot to us too. There’s a good feeling in the area.”

The media have been quick to pick up on the story with both Sharks tragics Phil “Buzz” Rothfield  and film director/ actor and new Footy Show Special Reporter Brendan Cowell getting on board the flight to capture the unique fan experience.  The Sharks will also feature live feeds via their website and social media pages

The challenge now is to quickly find an agile business partner to potentially sponsor and maximise the exposure and opportunity.

Some possible lessons we could all learn from Jarryd.

AND also win!  (then there is another trip to Melbourne)

#WeAreSharks #SharksOnAPlane #NRLFinals


#Dare2Dream #WeAreSharks

Wooden Spoon


It’s a Sunday morning, somewhere hidden in my house are my magical yellow socks.  Those socks are the key to us winning today’s do-or-die football game against the Russel Crowes and James Packers Bunnies.

Next door, my fellow Sharks supporter mate Don puts his left shoe on first.

Across town, a player’s wife picks her lucky black and white dress.

From Cronulla to Cooloongatta there’s a lot more of this happening right across the Sharks players, staff, members and supports  – our personal superstitions, our beliefs and hopes, every bit that may go towards breaking a near fifty year premiership drought and the hangover of the 2014 NRL Wooden Spoon.


This time last year some funny bastard left this on my window – last year was, in the simplest of terms “a tough year” (on so many fronts), BUT (and you know there is always a ‘but’), the old adage of “persistence” – that tough times don’t last – that what makes you stronger – has never been so true.

2014 Cronulla Sharks Wooden Spoon

2014 Cronulla Sharks Wooden Spoon

To look back for a moment to see how far things have come fills one with deep pride.

Fast forward to this morning and the sun rising over the Bay has never seemed so bright. Yes, certainly you can’t get too far ahead of yourself and need to embrace the moment BUT without a destination you may wander aimlessly.


The goal is in clear sight and the road ahead not devoid of danger. As a famous photographer once said – the best view from the mountain top is always closest to the edge.

Bring on the week. Woo haaaaa. Now to work out how we get a plane full of Sharks fans to Townsville! Sort of sounds like the title of a movie!

Navigating the Marketing Technology Matrix

Digital Transformation

Every business wants to get a better understanding of who their customer is – we want to know who is visiting our website or app, what they are saying about us and what we can do to improve.

The challenge in this increasingly and rapidly changing digital world is how do businesses navigate through the Marketing Technology Matrix and what are the critical elements and pathways to success? Further, what is the best method, mindset and framework to approach the project?

In terms of writing a blog article – it’s a good time now to drop in a key quote to frame the next deeper level of content.

“All of life is one action following another, interspersed by periods of rest. If we are in doubt about the outcome of our actions, if our thoughts are concerned with, “What if I should fail?” we will be filled with hesitancy, uncertainty, and our actions will lack the conviction needed to obtain a decisive, favorable outcome. Even the worst outcome we can imagine will ultimately benefit us. It is because of that law of favorability that the Universe is able to continue and we are able to bring about the fruition of our plans.”
Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers, Volume Two

As we all know there is abundant information available on the Internet – you could spend every minute of every day ingesting the latest TED talk talk and blog post but where do you draw the line and begin the journey – the fact is, if you’re in business and reading this then you’re already on the path.

But how do you navigate through the Digital Marketing Matrix – where nearly 2,000 main vendors cover everything from CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Systems) to analytics, CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and Social Media Marketing, Search and Tag Management.

Source: Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2015) – Chief Marketing Technologist

So, what is the process to develop your Digital Strategy?

Step 1. Destination – Begin with the end in mind.

What this means is to focus on the goal.  What is the business goal – increased revenue, brand health, customer experience, operational efficiency?  For many of my presentations over the last ten years I borrow the Social Media Measurement Compass slide from Brian Solis  at Altimeter 

Around each of these goals is a much deeper framework of key concepts, insights and actions.

Step 2.  Define the Metrics of Success and Recommend Actions

Step 3.  Organisation – resources, training, barriers

People – who are your thought leaders – both internal and external?  The key stakeholders in your game.

Step 4. The Landscape – Audit your existing infrastructure.

List all your technology – what role does it play within your organisation?  What does the data look like?  What role does it serve?  Will it talk to other programs?

Step 5. Develop the RoadMap

Challenge assumptions.  Threats and Opportunities.

It’s a work in progress.

“It furthers one to undertake something. It furthers one to cross the great water.”