Waterfall Window

Waterfall Window

Finally a couple hours to just get creative in the studio. The objective here to try and create a dream like feeling of looking through a frame/ window into the mind


Zoom into maximum size to view textures

Inspired by music – a dream like state flow like waterfalls, the minds mist spread into formless dark – what is solid, what is real? – “the Truth” subjective.

The subconscious at play, constantly processing, what we perceive thrown into the mechanics of the brain, analised, categorized, a thought, a decision, an action, a movement begins.

Location: Waterfall, Waterfall, Sutherland Shire, NSW, Australia

Technical: Three different exposures combined to create a single HDR (High Dynamic Range) shot. Using channel mixer focused on the blues and pulled out all greens and pushed reds up. Converted to Grey. Sharpened including High Pass filter. Added underpainting artistic filter, a water color frame (black) and a vignette to draw attention in. Finally white border and simple black frame.

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