When Tomorrow Never Comes

Sitting here writing and reminiscing – six years today since the tragic passing of our beloved Pete. Everyday thankful for the fatherly love, wisdom & influence to those who knew & loved.

Today I’ll take some photos & have a strum & beer with Bretty. We’ll laugh about the great times we all had.

To my Dad – we all miss you mate & I know in my inner voice that you’re still here guiding (& asking WTF have you done now?)

Peter Maxworthy – a man beyond reproach.

Instagram This – Sponsor Activation

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In the old days you’d shoot a polaroid and give it to the customer.  Today – we shoot; tag and share.

Studio in a box (and a bag)

Saturday – I’m shooting a corporate marketing event gig today (I’ve had three days notice) – the shoot requires me to setup a mobile photography studio at the end of a red carpet to create a “media event” like customer experience.

The photos will be branded with the sponsors message and sent to the guest (via MMS) – before they’re seated – well that’s the theory!

I don’t want to talk about my experience with Telstra over the last few days trying to get this sorted but just to say – that it was much faster to deal with Telstra through Twitter than their website and phone.

Parking is 200m from the venue; access is limited and setup time is less than an hour so I have to get everything into into one case (and a bag) for rapid deployment.  

Far out – the case weighs about 60kgs – there’s about 10kgs in sandbags; six light stands; two LED 18′ lights; four strobes; batteries; a strong tripod; power leads and clips.  The LED’s will give me some rim lighting but they’re really just there for “red carpet” effect. 

My camera bag is packed with two cameras (one for safety); four batteries; laptop; lens and cables – there’s about 15 kgs in there as well.

Fingers crossed it all works.

Post Event

The corporate guests were photographed with one of the team’s brand ambassadors (Wendell Sailor; Dean Young, Ben Craig; Shaun Timmins; Mark Gasnier) and the sponsor mascot. These photos then branded with the sponsor message and sent ASAP to the guest’s mobile via MMS with a phone number and hyperlink. In the majority of cases we were able to send these before they sat down at their table.

My Iphone personal hotspot died 1/2 way through the gig but I was able to quickly tap into the venues media WiFi network.

Several guests said they then shared on social media.


book Page 1-Edit.jpg


We could have probably shot the whole thing on a Iphone/ Ipad but we wanted professional shots (lighting; resolution; glass) and not tie up the camera while editing and sending the shots.

With more time/ budget I’d do some smarter things with URL’s for tracking purposes and maybe tie in an intergrated Facebook Fan Page campaign element.


Client: Always Co / St George Illawarra Dragons

Agency: Creative Stars


Getting Back Into It

I know, I know – it’s been months since I’ve updated my blog.  The reason is pretty straight forward – I’d been working on a major confidential project that I couldn’t really talk about.   Today, our chief investor decided not to go ahead further so it’s now time to get back out there.

That’s not to say it’s been all work and no play.  Here’s a timelapse video I recently produced for my local coffee shop and music video for 15 year old singer song writer Elyse McLennan.