Ahhh – I’ve got Connection Addiction

Digital Convergence

Connection Addiction – pull out the plug

Don’t you hate it if you’re talking to someone and they take a call or worse receive and reply to a text.  You’re better to concentrate on the task at hand and let the message go through to the keeper.

Digital Convergence
Anyway, I’m due for a new phone and have been thinking about a Crackberry (Blackberry) so that I can check emails all the time. On the other hand all this technology is increasingly intrusive to our lives. 

My question is how much value does instant messaging really add to corporate communications? 

I read yesterday that there is an increasing number of people who, when they first wake up of a morning check their computers or phones for messages – even before a pee and a cup of coffee – “I’m not alone!” I cry but then I realise I’ve got “Connection Addiction!” – YOU KNOW that one message that has to be replied to in an instant.

When you think about it – what a load of crapola!

How do we deal with this constant flow of information?  Are new skill sets required?

“Shallow rivers run fast, think strategic” I hear my dad say.

I look around my office – I currently have four screens on my desk – two for each computer – my laptop and my desktop – geez I’m in deeper than I thought! 

  1. One has my Skype account,
  2. TweetDeck (Twitter client) and Woopra live web tracking,
  3. my emails (multiple accounts)
  4. my web browser

Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and all that other social connection stuff are accessed through the day – they run from early morning till late.

It’s madness but I suppose that’s the business I’m in – it’s no wonder it’s a challenge for most businesses to comprehend and implement.  It’s not like a 9-5 shop.

I wonder what would happen if I just suddenly turned them all off or took back control  

  • limiting emails to 2 or 3 x 1 hour sessions a day – setting up auto reply to let senders know you’ll get back within 24 hours or to call if urgent. 
  • Twitter at periodic coffee breaks.  (the water cooler metaphor)
  • Facebook to social times (the pub metaphor)

What would the prospects and clients think?  How would it impact sales?  Would more important work get done?

I know from my pub and call centre management days that response time is very important but what about web businesses?

So anyway we’ll see – brb – the phones ringing!

Interested in your thoughts?


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.