five important elements to effective web video

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There are five important elements to effective web video and making web video easyOn Our Watch

  1. Fast – Video load and play fast – minimal viewer video buffering – don’t bog down your website servers and developers with complicated video – use fast, global dedicated video servers – it’s about the customer experience that counts most.  Video play should be practically instant.
  2. Easy implementation – to carry out your CLIVE clip just one line of HTML code is required for your web developers (average 10 minute job).  Much the same as embedding a Youtube clip on your web page but with greater control.
  3. Personal.  Presenters – you or a professional presenter? It depends. Do you add value to the communication intent?  Who is the audience?  If you’re the face of the business then keep it real – effective web is all about personalising the web.  If the clip is for product or brand then use a professional.
  4. Creative – Script, Script, Script.  Home page clip maximum 30 seconds (70 words) – think the 30 second elevator pitch or television/ radio commercial.  Short and sharp to the point.  Save longer clips for deeper within your site.  At CLIVE we use a teleprompter so no need to worry about memorising scripts.  Think audience, cut through, get creative and call to action.
  5. Return On Marketing Investment.  Simple as that.  Web Video gives you the ability to deliver a consistent message and talk 1:1 with thousands of customers  per day, 24/7.