DragonFly – St George Dragons 2009 Season Launch

Making a young girl smile

Making a young girl smile

Corporate Social Responsibility increases brand effectiveness (and makes you feel good)

I’ve been heavily involved with personal computers since I was 13 years of age – that’s 30 years!  Less from a technical side and more on how it improves lives, increases sales and productivity.

During that time we’ve seen massive technological advancement in computing and communications and it has fundamentally changed the world we live in.  We’ve seen significant social and business transformation – from the old military type centralised business hierarchy models to much more flatter, localised organisational structures. 

In fact, business and social structures resemble information structures – it’s all about how we connect and with whom.

And, as we move into an ever increasing connected, mobile, rich media social communications world, we will see new business and social structures emerge.

What does this mean?

Technology fundamentally increases productivity and corporate and personal transparency.  Business, government and individuals need to embrace both social responsibility and online connections to survive and thrive.

From a business marketing branding perspective, customers will increasing value corporate social responsibility in their purchasing decision making criteria.

For any new purchase most people start with search – imagine if the first story about you is bad PR!

Giving something back

A couple of months ago I was involved with producing videos for AGL’s Corporate Community strategy – great stuff.

On Friday 6th March I was fortunate to be invited as a “DragonFly” for the NRL St George Dragons 2009 Season Launch.

Moving away from the traditional Season Launch and to focus on the Dragons’ commitment to community, Dragons staff, players, Immortals, Corporate Partners and key stakeholders came together to create a “perfect day” for the local community to officially launch their 2009 season.

Note: I’m sure there are a few other clubs who now congratulate the Dragons!

The theme for the Dragons 2009 launch was a “Perfect Day” based on a quote from a famous NBA Basketball Hall of Fame Coach and Player, John Wooden

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who can never repay you” John Wooden, Basketball Hall of Fame (Coach and Player)

The Event was put together by my good friends Monique McDonald from Creative Stars Event Management www.creativestars.com.au and Louise Weaver Corporate Conscience www.corporateconscience.com.au.

I personally congratulate St George Dragons for their great vision (even if I am a one eyed Cronulla Sharks Supporter).

Well done – a perfect day!


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.