Perform, Inform and Sell

Play Hard or Go Home

Perform, Inform and Sell


I forgot to mention in my last email our Presenter search, please find details below and feel to forward if you know someone who may be interested.

The Market

Play Hard or Go Home

With high production cost pressure and increasingly fragmented audience attention there are limited growth opportunities in movies, TV and advertising roles for professional talent to help build their media profile.

Access to viewers has changed with the YouTube revolution BUT where’s the money is often asked.

As you know with CLIVE every website can now easily add a professional presenter or spokes person which significantly increases website visitor engagement.  It provides a new revenue opportunity for talent.

Talent/ Presenter Search

As part of our ongoing expansion program we are always looking for new talent.

For example last month we began our multilingual presenters search –

  • Australian exporters targeting International markets
  • Australian tourism targeting International visitors
  • Government and corporates communicating online to English as second language Residents
  • International clients (we did a job for an Israel company last month)

Over the next few months we will begin to include all kinds of talent – dancers, musicians, anyone/ thing we can put on screen who can perform, inform and sell.

If you know of any potential presenter/ talent Pass your in home drug test the safe and healthy way. then please feel free to forward this message on.

FYI – Audition Process

We’ve slightly changed the CLIVE Audition process – instead of going through the whole expensive audition and transaprent video encoding process each time we’ve broken it down into steps.   

  1. We do a call out,  (through our network including you, Star Now and our subscribers)
  2. Hold pre auditions (shoot to green screen) once a month OR they can submit the own audition anytime via Youtube (more).
  3. If they are OK we post to our Pre Auditions page (potential clients can then see)
  4. If there is client demand for a Presenter and they pass our selection criteria we then bring them on board as one of our Certified Professional Presenters

No cost to the Presenter.

Any questions please send me a note

Cheers and all the best

Scott Maxworthy
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The CLIVE Video Project

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Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.