Quality Raises To The Top

Film Crew

Film Crew

Quality raises to the top.

I remember a conversation with an Executive of a video streaming company a few years ago where he said quality doesn’t matter – it’s all about volume. I suppose that depends on your business model and where you stand. ¬†

From an advertisers and viewers perspective we want to be entertained Рsmart advertisers know custom attention is valuable. 

According  to Accumstream Research http://www.accustreamresearch.com

Demand for professionally produced and distributed online video continued unabated in 2008, with cumulative volume advancing 24.3% to 41.6 billion views. Over the past ten years, audiences have accessed 142.7 billion pieces of professionally produced, brand-hosted and distributed video. A category-by-category analysis of cumulative views shows music with 25.5%, news 22.6%, entertainment/kids at 20.2%.

Significant category share shifts are revealed, however. Entertainment/kids captured 10% in 2001, and 30.4% in 2008, as brands like Warner Bros. (Cartoon Network), Viacom (GameTrailers.com, Noggin.com, Nick.com, NickJr.com) and Disney (Disneychannel.com, Disney.com) consistently and expertly publish exclusive content to young, connected audiences.

By contrast, music has experienced steady declines since 2005, when that non-exclusive content category crested at 45.6% share, and perched at 11.3% share in 2008.


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.