Australias most influential internet users

Tsunamis of Change and the Creative Economy 

This is Part 1 in a new creative project I’m working on looking at Australian Digital Media Strategy.

As every business owner knows the economic landscape has been rapidly altered after the stock market crash of last year – it’s a bit like looking out the window after the Pearl Harbor attack – most of the destruction done, the full reverberating impact still too early to tell. 

The old supply demand ratio and attitudes (including the much maligned Y-Gens) of the last twenty years has changed, as a result, new thought-models, approaches, attitudes and opportunities will surface and prosper.

In today’s market Buyers are now back in full control – cash is scarce and surviving companies must actively compete.  As a supplier you are either a commodity or added higher value – the middle ground will be flattened.

A contracting marketplace offers smart expanding companies the ability to increase market share as their competitors retreat and defend – head in sand, reactive.

From the laggard industrial manufacturing complex through the Information Economy we will move towards an Innovation/ Creative Economy 

One of the biggest impacts will be on the media, advertising and the entertainment/ Internet video space (think how Ipods changed the music industry and how faster broadband wil impact video, film and television).  

There will be an accelerated shift towards online video advertising and marketing away from conventional television, newspapers and magazines.

A great little video from PRBlogger

How PR works online


This then raises the question of who are Australia’s most influential Internet users?

How would you create a list? Some initial online casino thoughts…

  • Top 100 Australian Bloggers – how many subscribers?  How many comments? (any list needs to be contextual and relevant)
  • Facebook and Linkedin – how many friends/ associates – engagement and influence?
  • Google – number of articles and links etc
  • Corporations/ Government – The Telstra’s, News Ltd’s, Seven Sunrise, politicians and celebrities
  • Twitter/ Flickr/ Youtube and so on 


Once you have your list how do you engage?

In sales, the best customer is through a trusted third party referral.

For example, hey Scott, you’re in marketing do you know a good event management company?  Absolutely – Monique at Creative Stars.

Most people begin any new purchase with a search (see How PR works online above).

The question is how do you engage influencers without trying to sell them, ie jamm a message down their throat like historial repeat and interupt advertising?

WIIFM  – What’s In It For Me?

  1. What is your product or service? (keywords and message)
  2. What does it mean to your customers (wants and needs)?


In the online world original, quality “content is King”.

Find a creative approach, create something new and share. [Goes for swim and walks to coffee shop]

At coffee this morning the idea crystallizes.  I’ve been looking to incorporate more of my photography interests (particularly portraits) within my work.


  1. Broad scope campaign -the 6 w’s – Who/What, How, When, Where, How much, Why?
  2. Research lists and compile
  3. Create holding content pages
  4. Begin target engagement
  5. Market/ Share/ Engage

I like it.  A new project for the year (stay tuned)

Another New Year

Daylight Crashing

New Years Resolution

Daylight Crashing

I had to laugh, on New Years Day my brother’s resolution was to help break everyone elses.  Wiser then at first account, the knowledge that recent research shows that it takes two years of constant application to develop a new instinctive habit.  I suppose that’s a lot better then being set in your ways from early childhood but it certainly dispels the myth of effective sudden change.  More successful, for example, is slowly dropping from three beers or coffees down to one. 

Anyway, don’t you think it’s funny how we make New Year’s resolutions – as if, just this date is enough to signify a changing tide.  I suppose the New Year gives you the opportunity to reflect on the last year – how much has changed?  In reflection what did we have?  

The Year That Was

Without doubt when we look back in years ahead it will be the financial market meltdown that will be etched forever in the time line of mankind.  From what I understand what started out as a good meaning US social/ political plan ten years or so ago to provide subsidised housing loans to the poor (who could never repay) escalated into an ever widening chasm of poor financial accountability and management. 

As usual somewhere in the process good old fashioned greed and the prospect of easy money crept in and spread like an airborne virus in a wind storm, undetectable in it’s clever disguise through the productization of financial derivatives and products – at its root “credit” – no rocket science here! 

What is surprising is the reaction to the People born under the sign of horoscope for sagittarius usually fall in love for the first time back in childhood and they keep the ability to get momentarily infatuated and to give all their soul to every new love affair for the whole life. level of drop (around 40-50%) – as the sideline analysts now say the market was ALWAYS going to correct, a bull run for 15 or so years is unsustainable.  Yep, it’s all just basic economics  – don’t borrow more then you can afford to pay.  Problem is much of the ability to borrow was based upon highly overvalued leveraged assets all wrapped around retirees superannuation funds – what a cascading mess!

But life moves on and we accept the hard facts – quite casually in many cases

Maybe the Internet and communications technology of today has helped spread the softening cushion.  People are more versed and educated.  You lose some money, “so what” they say or maybe this is a little myopic and the tide is still moving out – the full impact yet to be felt?

You then look at the reverberating effects, like a brick dropped in a small shallow pond  – what markets will be most impacted – where will the jobs be lost; the pain, suffering and hardship, on the other side what are the emerging opportunities caused by this sudden Tsunami of Change?

Waves of defense

We’ve seen a wave of bail out packages but will they work?  On the street consumers have already pulled in their spending.  Who could imagine borrowing 90% for a new house or buying an expensive new car or boat at the moment or that expensive overseas holiday right now?

Whatever industry will will inevitably see market consolidation as those that have borrowed too heavily either collapse or are sold at a discount.

Many luxury items and those downstream will be effected – think drop in property prices impacting real estate, building industry production and at the bottom of the chain bricklayers. In the same breath, an aging population creating demand for nursing homes; health services and low cost housing.

Think cars and downstream to tyre manufacturers as people hold off changing tyres.

Purses will be tightened, money will go from luxuries to essentials.  Escapism will take other forms. 

From a media perspective – changes in behavior – the movement away from conventional advertising spending towards accountable online advertising.

For me personally, it has been cherishing the lessons passed on my beloved dad, the final closing the doors on the BANGitUP chapter (and some strong lessons), a renewed love and focus on my photography development  and the launch of the very cool and innovative CLIVE video project.

To my friends and readers, all interesting times ahead and all the best for 2009.