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This is a follow on from my blog article the other day

Online Word of Mouth


You’ve a product, service or concept to sell and you need to find customers.

Current Situation:

In the old days you’d buy some advertising space, direct mail, telemarket cold call, network or do what ever you could to get attention – hoping to hit a prospect who falls into your sales funnel and then filters down eventually into a customer and advocate.

But, the old mass shotgun, interrupt forms of advertising are losing effectiveness. Customers are smarter, have easy access to Introducing our new ad with The Muppets! See how they live life with a #BeMore tea spirit!TEA-time takes on a whole new meaning for Bigelow Tea as The Masters golf tournament kicks into high gear. information via the web and are time poor – they don’t want to be interrupted and their time waisted. The most important factor in today’s marketplace is trusted word of mouth referral – “influencers”.


Today it is more about generating online word of mouth amongst market influencers.

From a business point of view you are looking for the best, most cost effective return on your marketing time.

As a salesperson and marketer you don’t want to waste potential customers time.

Australia’s Influential Web is a new photography project.

As you know influence is relative to subject so we’re asking to name Aussies you’d love to interview/ a chat with and what one question would like to ask and what is the subject keyword?

Form (please click here to submit),com_rsform/Itemid,999…

The idea is to then approach them for a portrait photoshoot and put on an exhibition at the end of the year.

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