Return to White (Revisited)

I haven’t blogged for the last month (but in a weak defense I have been Twittering). 

I know the blogging experts say “regularity” is one of the most important elements to creating a blog subscriber base but I reckon there’s no point writing just for the sake of it.

 Anyway, there’s a whole lot of excuses I can pull out – my laptop crashed, I was chasing the last bit of budgets out there that wanted to be spent,  Xmas drinks and more drinks but probably the greatest consumer of energy and time was the plan to shoot a photo a day and post on my Flickr

It’s said that it takes something like 21 or 28 days to create a new habit and that day 10 -12 is usually where the enthusiasm wanes and other things take priority.   Yep, the December photo shoot thing suffered the same demise.  The thing I began to realise is that constant quality takes constant practice.

By forcing yourself EACH DAY then you develop quick skills, patterns and work flows.  From a photographic point of view then to quickly identify photos that might work and delete the rest, adjusting levels, reducing noise, a nice blur to focus attention on the key subject etc.   

Anyway, that’s enough of the writing for today – an old poem to share the New Year-have a great New Year and all the very very best.

Speak soon 


Return to White

From white to black and back again
Like the tidal flows and monsoon rain
Circles drawn and spiral chains
While Pavlov’s dog sleeps tight

Awake asleep as night is day
As rivers run and children play
Dreams and thoughts they quietly say
of ‘more than this’ we know

A diamond lost but love of gold
A higher ground of giving souls
Honest men the world behold
She gently touches thee

A flower blooms for eyes that see
Of beauty thanks a planted seed
From giving earth a reaching tree
To branch the light we share

A thousand notes a melody
On chord lattice a rhythmic field
A waving progress we touch and heal
Play the note we feel.

So lay your hands to the sun
A new day brings another one
A movie forth will be fun, And we party with a smile.

The future of social technologies

Christmas Comes Quick


Christmas Comes Quick
From a marketing point of view  businesses are increasing looking at the Internet to increase brand awareness, communicate and get closer to their customers and increase service performance whilst lowering overheads.

The Internet marketing mix covers everything from website design, search engine optiminisation (SEO), to blogging, banner advertising, Internet video to online social technologies such as Facebook.

For many businesses at the moment many online social communities feel a bit like small islands or countries seemingly not connected or if they are, the migration (visa rules), are not seamless/ user friendly/ aware.

In the future we will see a move from this individual island perspective (“I’m on Facebook” and “I’m on Twitter” statement) towards a greater seamless integration (interoperability) of adaptive open social technologies – ie single user login and unified messaging portal – many devices > one login > multiple feeds (in and out).

With that will come greater contextual advertising, derivative information and aggregated services, the linking of similar communities and interests and consequently a market rationalisation of base platforms.

Innovation will move up towards higher value services, more effective communication for the time poor and greater creative quality expression.

In the technographics ladder we will see the user type distribution curve move up as users become more technology conversant and literate ie “technacy”

For businesses now it means allocating resources and experimenting with these new communication channels.