Cooliris image viewer add on

As part of my personal photography journey I’m focusing on people > portraits > heads shots at the moment.  In these days of Facebook then a good photo makes significant difference.

Last week I added a new photo gallery to the maxys website to help in the management of photo shoot proofs.

I’ll upload low resolution jpg and the models can short list images they want as hi-res jpg or RAW for their portfolios.

As part of the install of Gallery II I came across Cooliris and decided to test it.

Code copied and pasted here…

A minute or two later – 1st run failed.  My CMS( Joomla) is stripping out any script.  There’s probably a checkbox casino online in Joomla I can tick somewhere to override this BUT no time to look at this at the moment.

The other option is to create a bit of code plugin like I’ve done with other scripts – it’s a bit technical and will have to wait til later or there’s probably a Joomla Extension someone has already created and I can just plug and play it in.

I also add an add on to my Firefox browser – WOW, no that transforms they way we look at our photos.







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