Just a matter of perspective


Today’s blog starts off with a long but really good TED clip featuring the PC guy from the Apple Ads talking about Love and the Universe.  We’ll come back to Apple again later.

Then watch this clip (sorry I don’t know how to embed this one)  http://tinyurl.com/6s8l3k– It was put together for a Sony BMG Senior Executive Conference in Rome this year and is based on the “Shift Happens” slide presentation below. 

I picked up this video link up this morning from Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester’s Research guy on Twitter this morning (more on Twitter later)

After looking at these two clips then watch the clip featuring the old 1960’s UNIVAC – you’ll laugh but it’s funny how much stays the same. 

You’ll see that there is a consistent message through all of this – from technology perspective nothing much has changed over the last fifty years – computers are always getting faster, smaller, cheaper and the central driver is about communications and the impact on people and society. 

Shift Happens

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To be continued.


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