Australian Internet Advertising Landscape

The Changing Consumer and Business Marketplace

No business can continue to ignore the importance of the Internet for their long term survival. The web is now were most new customers hear about and begin their search for your products or services. 


  • 738/1000 Australian Internet users (same as US)
  • 12% (13.7 hours) of our time awake now per week spent online.
  • 1 in 6 minutes spent on social online communities like Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Youtube.


  • 1.90m Australian businesses (m)
  • 0.57m Businesses with a web site (m)          
  • 12 Websites/ 1,000 people                   

Current Online Marketing (Search)

  • Focused on email, SEO (Search Engine Optiminisation) and Google ranking
  • Measurement CTR (Click Through Rates) and page views


The Changing Australian Internet Advertising Landscape

  • The effectiveness of the traditional ‘interrupt and repeat’ model of advertising is decreasing
  • Brand loyalty decreasing – customer driven
  • 18-26 age spend more time online than watching TV
  • 2010 traditional TV advertising will only be one-third as effective as it was in 1990
  • Consumers to Watch 25% More Video a Day in Five Years


Online Customer Engagement Model

Degrees of Engagement


Collaborative Filtering
Content Creation


Bookmarking, Tagging, Adding to group Rating, Voting, Commenting, Endorsing, Favouritising Upload (User Generated Content), Blogging, Fan community participation, Create mash-ups, Podcasting, Vlogging

Adding Friends, Networking, Create Fan Community

Source: Foresters

The steps.

Maxys provides Digital Media Strategy and Internet Marketing services which help businesses refocus on the customer.  We are Internet Marketing specialists who help you leverage your off line business assets into the online space.

  • Business/ Project review.
  • Current Situational Analysis including SEO report
  • Strategic Opportunity – your Digital Media Strategy
  • Content creation and implementation
  • Ongoing management or handover.


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