Video Easy Tips

Very easy to get all caught up with the video technology and how easy it is BUT in the end it’s all just about effective communication.

Video like all content is a matter of building brand, trust and engagement with the consumer so they move up the loyalty ladder from casual consumer to advocate.

In terms of production then quality will always rise to the top and we’ve heard the rules like you only have the a maximum 3 minutes on the web and the first five seconds has to hook. Yes and no.

What is missing is the discussion about how people find your video – ie context sensitive.

There is a strong relationship between interest Play pokies & games everywhere!There are many online casinos Australia can truly be proud of. (ie search) and how much content we will consume.

If the marketing/video objective is branding then you need to create relevant content that will be easily and readily shared.  Understand your audience, develop your message and then worry about production.

If it’s a web promo video then entertain, create emotional attachment and top of mind.  Keep it short with strong call to action.

If it’s instructional then it can be longer.

In nearly all cases you can cut a script in 1/2 by simply being ruthless, cutting out all the BS and getting to the point.

Your consumers will appreciate the effort you’ve made in not wasting too much of their time.

From social clicks to video flicks

The Net Generation – the Future is Video – Telstra Business Conference – Sydney, 30th October 2008

I’ve been asked to showcase CLIVE this afternoon at a Telstra Business Conference of the “Net Generation” – the future is video

A few of the people in the audience may have seen similar video overlay technology on some website in the US but will not of heard of the CLIVEvideo Project; what we are doing here in Oz nor the video functionality and production quality.


Our part is pretty informal – the meet and greet during registration, the coffee breaks and after.

We’ll run through the standard opening to get some Attention and Interest – through the features and then show a few customer examples.  If you’ve already seen the maxys home page or CLIVEvideo home page you are already past that point.

Key point is to demonstrate CLIVE and how quick and easy it is for customers to engage- from 30 minutes in the studio and onto their website in a few days AND increased CTR performance and conversion.

From the speakers the key elements I’m interested to explore today are

  1. Disruptive technologies and the “tsunamis of change”. 
  2. Video and the Customer Engagement Process – from self publishing and user content creation to professional production
  3. Quality rises to the top – what is the cost of quality?
  4. Social sharing of video content eg Twitter/ Facebook and syndication models.

 I’ve embedded this Meebo chatroom for today – come and join us around 4.30PM AEST.

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Just a matter of perspective


Today’s blog starts off with a long but really good TED clip featuring the PC guy from the Apple Ads talking about Love and the Universe.  We’ll come back to Apple again later.

Then watch this clip (sorry I don’t know how to embed this one)– It was put together for a Sony BMG Senior Executive Conference in Rome this year and is based on the “Shift Happens” slide presentation below. 

I picked up this video link up this morning from Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester’s Research guy on Twitter this morning (more on Twitter later)

After looking at these two clips then watch the clip featuring the old 1960’s UNIVAC – you’ll laugh but it’s funny how much stays the same. 

You’ll see that there is a consistent message through all of this – from technology perspective nothing much has changed over the last fifty years – computers are always getting faster, smaller, cheaper and the central driver is about communications and the impact on people and society. 

Shift Happens

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: sociology future)

To be continued.