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Tonight my Sharks play their Final against the Melbourne Storm in the NRL Final Series

Sharks versus Global Economic MeltdownTo say we (all Sharks Supporters) are not a little bit nervous is an understatement – I was up at 3AM (mad or what!)

One game away from the Grand Final – we’ll get through this step first then look at next week. 

Meanwhile the global economy is in turmoil and it is sort of funny in a way how this is less of an issue right at the moment.

Time could be spent understanding how this will impact family, the business, the local community. 

Not today, Sharks Supporters are focused on the game.  Irrational? Maybe.

This morning on Seth’s Blog he talked about the “Irrational Man”  

“Parents or other adults who are irrationally committed to a kid’s well being make a huge (perhaps the biggest) difference in that young person’s life.

Entrepreneurs who are irrationally committed to their business are far more likely to get through the Dip.

Salespeople and service providers and marketers who are irrationally committed to customer service can completely transform an ordinary experience and make it remarkable.

Is being irrational irrational? Of course it is. That’s why it often works.

If you’re looking for the sensible, predictable, long-term strategy, this probably isn’t it. Except when it is.”

Seth is to Internet Marketing as Jack Gibson was to Rugby League Coaching – imparting some clear common sense wisdom. This blog article resonates with George Bernard Shaw’s “Unreasonable Man”

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world while the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Hence, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

These comments should be considered with the understanding that the greatest leaders empower and inspire those around them.  Whether family, business, sport or any other human endeavor – it’s about how we all make lives better that counts.

An Irrational Man?

I think of Phil Dwyer, President of the *Builders Collective of Australia, a man who has been fighting against both Australian Federal and State Government sponsored Last Resort Home Owners Warranty rort (think the NSW Beechwood Homes shamozzle) for over seven years. 

Many have said to Phil to give it up and have asked why fight against something for no personal gain and risk everything he has built up over the years?   Why take on the powerful, rich and influential?

Simply, it’s the right thing to do – high moral fibre.

The story is a great David vs Goliath; Souths vs News Ltd type of story – about overcoming adversity for the greater good . Inspirational stuff and I hope one day it is fully recognised.

Anyway the issue is now finally getting increased media attention and this week the SMH began a campaign to rid this rort in NSW – other states will follow.   Phil played a pivotal role in helping the Tasmanian Government dump Last Resort Home Owners Warranty.

The more media and public awareness and scrutiny of this issue the better.

But it won’t come without a fight – there is too much money and self interests involved. 

I heard it through the grapevine

On the grapevine we hear there are currently moves to remove any transparency of Last Resort Home Owners Warranty Scheme and that the 37th Government review of the Scheme is looking to maintain the status quo.

How much does 37 reviews cost tax payers!!!

Any civil minded person would be shake their head in amazement and wonder what is going on here?

How can the status quo be maintained when there is a very clear financial and social cost/ benefit comparison between the the Queensland Scheme and the Last Resort Scheme (eg NSW Beechwood shamozzle)?


From the media today we read that at the HIA (Housing Industry Corporation – oops Association) – the broker, in conjunction with Vero – the major insurance provider have played a major role in the introduction and promotion of Last Resort Home Owners Warranty Scheme into Government policy.

It seems quite amazing the spheres of influence here.  One asks how does this happen?
In my previous seven years dealing with tens of thousands of builders, trades and consumers nationally, I did not come across one builder, tradie or home owner in favour of Last Resort Home Owners Warranty.

  • Most builders are too scared to say anything in public for fear of losing their income – privately is a totally different matter.
  • Most consumers, like the hundreds of Beechwood Homes customers have no idea the insurance is worthless until they try and make a claim.
  • The Queensland Insurance models delivers a better solution

It is interesting when you follow the money trail, the major proponents of the Last Resort Scheme – the HIA and Vero are the major beneficiaries, and do so at the expense of consumers and the building industry they are supposed to represent. 

Further, that this is a re-insurance product and is mandatory, the builder underwrites the policy, hence no risk to the insurers.
One must question how a Corporation sorry “Association” (can members vote?) can have so much political influence?
One can only imagine it is through either fear, greed or laziness?
The fact is, the building industry is very hard to deal with and it is far easier for Government to deal with one or two associations then have to deal with 800,000 people across 350,000 predominately small businesses.
But what happens if the advice is bad, not in the public interest or simply promoting self interests?
There are now calls for a Government Inquiry into the HIA

Greater industry transparency can only benefit consumers; the industry and the nation as a whole.
Furthermore, what steps can be put in place steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again – 37 review is way too much to determine what is plain and obvious to all and sundry.

Now back to the footy!


*We developed the BCA website.

Passion-Shark 08-Tuesday

Sharks Updated - always next year :c(

Could this be the year?

Sharks Updated - always next year :c(My Sharks play in the NRL Finals this Friday night against the Melbourne Storm.

Could this be the year?….a pause…. the question goes very deep to every Shark.  It’s hard to explain what it is like to be a Sharks Supporter for all this time.

Rugby League Supercoach Jack Gibson once said “waiting for the Sharks to win a Grand Final is like leaving the porch light on for Harold Hold”

This year, like many Sharks supporters (and a bit like the team’s approach), I’ve played it pretty cool – we watched, we’ve celebrated our wins, there’s been no wild declarations.  It’s been very tradesmen like – not pretty but getting on with the job (and no apologies to any tradesmen).  Defense has been fantastic and from that attack builds.

Break my heart

You gotta love the footy, it’s a great escape.  So many memories with family and friends, the shared community emotion and passion.

We’ve had our hearts broken time and time again for such a long time – 41 years to be exact – all my life.  I’m not sure there are many professional teams and their supporters who have had to wait that long for our first title? There’s even a Facebook Group called Sharks win a grandfinal before I die

I think of Tommy Bishop, Cliffy Watson, Steve Rogers and the family, Andrew Ettinghausen, good family mate Steve Kneen, Como old boy Roland Beckett, the hundreds of other players and thousands of supporters and never forgetting my dad who died last year – a passionate Sharkies supporter – a tear and a smile – he was buried in his Sharks jumper.

It was the picture of the young bloke on the front page of the Telegraph yesterday that really made me smile – his bedroom emblazoned.

In 1973, at seven years old my Brother Brett and I sat at the SCG with mum and dad watching the Sharks versus Manly.

In 1978, we were there again against Many. (Hartley you suck!)

For a few years, “The Maxys” – Brett, Dad and I performed at the Sharks Home Game Players Presentation in the Auditorium.  There’s nothing like a happy Shark.

It’s passion which makes life interesting – in whatever fashion – whether that’s business, music, art, family or the footy.

Could this be  “The Year”? we ask again

It stops and makes you wonder what makes a successful team?

My dad told me this several years ago this question about business success.

“It’s not about how big or small, nor how much money you do or don’t have, nor the latest tool and technique, it’s about the people and the way they work together”

The same can be said for any endeavor – whether sport, business or social cause.

To Ricky and the guys, you’ve done a great job, we’re behind you all the way, go out and have some fun – we’re looking forward to next week like you could not believe.